Capability Domains met by Okta

Lifecycle Entitlement Management

Okta offers a sophisticated lifecycle entitlement management that can ensure the right level of access to the right applications through a set of centrally managed policies. Administrators can easily set access and entitlement rules based on attributes, such as user group membership.

User Access Visibility

Okta provides visibility into who has access to which data via simple access governance that offers the ability to see all users who have access to specific applications. Defined users can be assigned to established groups and provided access to applications and services by group. Privileged users can be placed into a group and control around accounts and resources can be provided within this group.

IT Admin Management

Okta’s SSO and MFA solutions allow IT admins to manage unsuccessful log-on attempts in accordance with the organization's policy guidance. Okta’s SSO automatically monitors session activity and allows IT administrators to centrally manage organizational policy for session timeout and reauthentication processes. Session termination rules can be established as well as unlock processes using time out or Help Desk intervention.

Easy Integration with VPN, Remote Access, & Secure Shell

Okta’s IAM and AMFA solutions offer a non-disruptive, non-intrusive, easily integrated solution that works with your Virtual Private Network (VPN), Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), and Secure Shell (SSH). Okta’s IAM maintains logs for monitoring and the ability for initial access with MFA for remote sessions. Okta’s Single Sign-On (SSO) and MFA solutions can verify and control connections to external systems but may not limit those connections.