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Discover How Ocient Delivers More Cost-Effective Decision Intelligence

Ocient is the leading hyperscale data analytics solutions company that enables government agencies to scale decision intelligence harnessing complex and geospatial data types, streamline and consolidate data siloes, and modernize their IT stack while cutting the cost of data management operations.

With Ocient, public sector agencies and the intelligence community can analyze up to 10 times more data, enjoy 10x-50x performance improvements, and cut the size and costs of their overall cloud or on-prem storage footprint by up to 80%.

From lawful intercept to cybersecurity, and weather and climate modeling to hyperscale log analysis, Ocient delivers on scale, performance, and price where existing solutions fall short.

Ocient Hyperscale Data Warehouse

Execute compute-intensive queries using standard ANSI SQL and return results on petabytes of data in seconds to minutes. Generate mission-critical intelligence and deliver better outcomes for organizations. Consolidate multiple workloads on a single platform and leverage Ocient’s intra-database machine learning and ETL/ELT to enable more analysts and data scientists to access data in a secure and compliant manner. Leverage Ocient deployed in OcientCloud™, on-prem, Google Cloud, or AWS.

Ocient Hyperscale ETL Service

Leverage Ocient's built-in hyperscale ETL service to stream data at up to terabits per second into the Ocient Hyperscale Data Warehouse. Increase ROI immediately by eliminating extra tooling. Transform and stream or load data continuously at no extra cost.

Increase ROI and Accelerate Time to Deployment: Accelerate innovation while cutting costs with the most price-performant system for compute-intensive data analytics at hyperscale. Leverage Ocient’s team of solutions architects and data engineering experts to craft an end-to-end solution tailored for your use case and mission requirements.

Get Started with Ocient

Ocient is available through various government contracts, including NASA SEWP, ARMY ITES-SW2, NCPA, and OMNIA Partners through Carahsoft.​​

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