MTX Group Solutions for the Public Sector

Industries & Solutions

  • Digital Transformation

    MTX Digital Transformation services enable organizations to orient themselves to the constituent experience, leading with respect for all stakeholders and introducing frameworks necessary to collaborate and make decisions at an enterprise level. With three key pillars, including human-centered design, change enablement, and digital blueprinting, we facilitate inclusive discussions and develop plans to operationalize desired changes across the organization.

  • Human-Centric Design and Experiences

    Human-Centric Design is a powerful tool that can help companies achieve their strategic goals and better serve their customers. At MTX, we specialize in creating user-centric experiences and interfaces that address your business challenges in innovative ways. Expertise includes:

    • User Research and Analysis
    • Persona and Scenario Creation and User Journey Mapping
    • Wire-framing, Prototyping and Responsive Design Services
    • Accessibility and Testing
  • Portfolio Assessment & Modernization

    The right people, processes and technology can unlock business efficiency and deliver an exceptional experience to your customers. We’re unbiased and go beyond just the tactical aspects - focusing on your strategy, and how the right vision and architecture can achieve your short-term and long-term goals.

  • Organizational Change Enablement & Adoption

    Create a culture of enduring change with a full lifecycle approach toward building user adoption engagement and sustainability to become a thriving, scalable organization.

    • Identify and minimize employee resistance
    • Boost employee engagement and adoption
    • Improve organizational performance and reduce costs
  • Systems Implementation

    Provide your organization with a holistic view of both infrastructure and the implementations built atop it, so key decision-makers have visibility around all of the data available, and a common vision for moving forward.

  • Cybersecurity

    An end-to-end, risk-based cybersecurity strategy to help entities reach full cyber maturity. Blending risk management and guided consultations with continuous improvement to formulate a best-in-class cyber security offering. Whether state-side or global, government or private, cyber mature or not, MTX will guide your team every step of the way.

  • Managed Services & Operations

    End-to-end customer service call and contact center staffing and management combine with a variety of technology solutions to make it easy for residents and the community, especially for the limited English population, the elderly and people with disabilities.

  • AI Blueprint Strategy

    MTX’s AI Blueprint Strategy involves a deep dive into an organization’s customer challenges, internal capabilities and financial and commercial impact — all while evaluating the value delivered to customers. Our strategy includes analysis, implementation and continual improvement.

  • Data Strategy & Analytics

    MTX Data Strategy leverages technology architecture, use case-based solution design and deployment, SaaS-based tool provisioning and support, training of internal resources and change management for adoption across clients and internal stakeholders. Our strategy includes current data collection methodologies, reporting and warehousing to ensure your organization remains on the frontlines of innovation.

  • Customer Care

    Utilize our team of experts to execute your agency’s operations including technical and user support, contact center across omni-channel offerings, grants and license management and presales lead qualification. In addition, MTX offers support in responding to public inquiries for information and assistance, intake and processing of applications and case-related information for programs, and performing complaint resolution services. This service is rapidly scalable and promises improved customer and user satisfaction.

  • Mobile Services

    MTX Mobile Services offers a wide range of offerings. We begin with Mobile Strategy, understanding client needs and developing a KPI-oriented roadmap. Our focus is on UI/UX to drive user engagement and business goals. We build apps using the right platform and follow best practices for security. Mobile Analytics help measure app performance, personalize the experience, and ensure success. We specialize in native, hybrid, PWA, and responsive web apps.


  • Government

    Team of government-industry professionals and technology experts design digital government solutions for regulatory agencies in Alcoholic Beverage Control, Professional Licensing, Cannabis, Agriculture, Wildlife, Transportation, Health and Human Services and more.

      • Enterprise Grants Management
      • Licensing & Permitting
      • Inspections
      • Voter Registration & Election Management System
      • Community Engagement (CRM)
      • Business One-Stop
      • Resident One Stop
      • 988 Crisis Safe Response
      • Disease Surveillance & Outbreak Management
      • Integrated Child Care
      • Intake, Eligibility & Case Management for Human Service & Nutrition Assistance Programs
      • Child Welfare
      • Utility Assistance
      • Multi-Vaccine Immunization Management
      • Mental Health & Substance Abuse Predictive Analytics
  • Transportation

    Provide sustainable transportation by maximizing safety and mobility in existing infrastructure with AI and other emerging technologies.

      • Transportation Infrastructure Program Management Solution
  • Education

    Bring value to K-12, community colleges and higher education institutions that require salient experience in developing technology solutions.

      • Recruitment & Student Information System
  • Health & Life Sciences

    Leverage extensive background in Public Health, Medical IT, Medicine, Health Research and Medicare/Medicaid.

      • Multi-Vaccine Immunization System
      • Mental Health & Substance Abuse Predictive Analytics
      • Care Management
      • 988 Crisis Safe Response
  • Financial Services

    MTX works side by side with leading financial institutions to create simplified solutions for common transactions, saving time and money while improving the customer experience.

        • Loan Origination
    • Mobile Solution

      We offer a comprehensive suite of mobile solutions and accelerators designed specifically for public agencies. These innovative products are readily deployable with minimal customizations, enabling agencies to streamline their operations and deliver enhanced services. Leverage MTX Mobile Solutions to increase efficiency and improve overall productivity.

        • Attendance Management
        • InspectProExperience Efficiency & Precision with InspectPro
        • SafeGuard & empowering Community Policing with Feedback Loop
        • MTX/Guardian Personal Safety
        • CommunityPlus
        • MTX/Guardian Transportation/Fleet Management
        • DMV — SecureID Plus
        • TeacherConnect (Depart of Education)
        • ChatBot