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March 16, 2023

Experience-led Government: Building A Total Experience Foundation

Citizen Experience (CX) initiatives across the federal government are making significant progress in automating and virtualizing the digital journey, but many fail to consider a ...

September 14, 2022

Feeling Boxed In? Valuable Records to Intelligent Data

Federal agencies lack basic awareness of what is contained in data inventories, and have trouble searching, locating and extracting the data needed most. Making documents ...

April 26, 2022

Federal IT Modernization Requires Proper Legacy IT Asset Disposition

Disposing of obsolete assets in a manner that protects both privacy and security will be a challenge for government agencies as they accelerate IT infrastructure provisioning to ...

December 02, 2021

How Agencies Can Unlock Value From Their Data

Data is a strategic asset, and it is everywhere, so generating it is not the challenge. The challenge is how to derive value from the data to make more informed, insightful ...