Fortinet State, Local and Education


Fortinet and Linksys have partnered to offer a solution, Linksys HomeWRK for Education | Secured by Fortinet, designed to help close the homework gap by empowering school districts in the U.S. to provide underprivileged students with equal access to education through a secure, reliable, and affordable broadband connection.



High-speed internet is absolutely vital to modern K-12 education. That may seem obvious, but a lack of broadband connectivity can have a severe impact on both student learning and school operations. To support equity in education statewide, the Illinois State Board of Education and Illinois Board of Higher Education teamed up in 2000. They developed the member-driven Illinois Century Network (ICN) to provide internet connectivity to every public K-12 school in the state, free of charge.



The coronavirus pandemic has elevated the status of technology leaders and cybersecurity professionals. IT teams have played a pivotal role in helping governments meet COVID demands. They must now continue to implement technology solutions that provide greater efficiencies and drive down costs. In this Government Technology Q&A, Fortinet Public Sector CISO Jim Richberg discusses the newfound popularity of IT leaders, surprises about returning to the office and how technologies such as software-defined networking can help governments do more with less.