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Harris County Law Enforcement Accelerates Investigations with Elasticsearch

Law enforcement agencies must leverage multiple databases to conduct successful criminal investigations; however, these databases often rely on siloed technology systems that make the information retrieval process challenging, time-consuming and error-prone. In the public sector, most cases are high-priority and time-sensitive, so law enforcement organizations need advanced analytics engines that help accelerate investigations with a single search.

Discover how Harris County utilizes the Elasticsearch database and machine learning capabilities to visualize data faster, allowing their law enforcement officers to spend less time sorting through data and more time enhancing citizen services in the field. Access the case study and watch the online seminar to learn how Elastic helped Shing H. Lin, CTO of Harris County’s Central Technology Services, develop the Law Enforcement Network Search (LENS) tool to accelerate Harris County law enforcement's investigations.

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Use Case

Download the resources to learn how Elastic modernizes the database search strategy for Harris County's Law Enforcement.