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Dell Products & Services

Dell Technologies services the federal government and supports their IT programs from system modernization to cloud integration. We empower countries, communities, customers, and officials to serve the public with effectiveness and efficiency. Carahsoft is a Dell partner, and together we can offer federal, state, and local government solutions on various contract vehicles to give you cost-effective products and services. Customers trust us to deliver technology that helps achieve more, whether they're at home, work, school or anywhere in their world.

Federal Government Solutions

The technology landscape is changing rapidly, and Dell is committed to delivering modern infrastructure and emerging technology for mission-critical environments. With the assistance of Carahsoft, we're able to make the procurement process simple and quick. See how Dell's products and services meet your needs, talk to one of our experts.

State & Local Government Solutions

From education to public safety, we are there to build and secure IT infrastructure, support workforce transformation, enhance security, and deploy new digital services for citizens. See what our customers have to say about our government solutions under our State, Local, and Education tab.

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Dell Partners

What is the Dell Partner Program?

Carahsoft Technology Corp. is the federal government distributor for Dell products and services. We are pleased to manage the Dell Government Agent Program for the entire Dell solutions portfolio to include: Dell, Dell Technologies, Pivotal, RSA, Secureworks and Virtustream.

We combine traditional distribution services with a dedicated Dell Technologies sales team to provide proactive sales and marketing uplift to the efforts of both Dell and the Dell partner ecosystem. Check out our Channel Partner Onboarding Kit.

The benefits of the Dell Technologies and Dell Technologies Government Program through Carahsoft include:

  • Sales Support
    • Dedicated sales and marketing team for Dell
    • Quote efficiency and configuration management
    • Proactive demand and lead generation efforts
    • Public sector/agency specific expertise and established end-user procurement relationships
    • Forecast, order and pipeline support
  • Managed Contracts
    • GSA contract management
    • Teaming agreements
    • SEWP contract management
    • BPA management
    • System Integrator support
  • Technical Support
    • All reps are sales and SE certified in the portfolio competencies outline by Dell
    • 6 reps with TA certification for Cloud, Isilon, VNX and Backup and Recovery
    • Liason to Dell's SE's if customers need additional technical assistance
    • PSO training and education
  • Marketing Support

    Unparalleled Dedicated Marketing Support, including:

    • Targeted Email Campaigns
    • Partner Networking Events
    • End-User Events
    • Highly-Targeted Webcasts and Training
    • Logistical Support at Tradeshows and Conferences
    • MIFF Program Support for Top Tiered Partners and Non Tiered Partners
    • And More!
  • Operational Support
    • Order Reports
    • Monthly Pricelists for both GSA and SEWP
    • Renewals Tracking and Uplift Support
  • Training
    • Monthly partner webinar trainings
    • Quarterly partner briefings for Sales and Systems Engineers
  • Training Videos

Demand More
Carahsoft specializes in developing and executing marketing plans that generate demand. We work closely with the federal marketing team at Dell and within our reseller community to federalize existing materials and programs for the government market. In addition, we create and implement new initiatives to generate visibility and leads.

Call Us Now at 866-Dell-2-Go! We're Here to Help!

Contact your Dell Government Team to get started at 866-Dell-2-Go and DELLPartnerTeam@carahsoft.com


Renewal Upsell Program

Presented by Carahsoft
Increasing Your Revenue with Dell Technologies Solutions!

  • The Carahsoft Dell Renewals Program is designed to help our key strategic partner organize, man offload their Dell renewals while taking advantage of Carahsoft's expertise to turn those renewals into easy tasks.
  • Contact our team

Success Stories

Building a Manageable High-Performing Network

High-performance car maker Shelby American minimizes IT overhead by running its business on an IT infrastructure with Silver Peak SD-WAN and Dell Technologies Networking solutions.

Digital Transformation in the Learning Environment

McAllen Independent School District equips students with 21st-century skills and saves $1 million in rebuilding its network.

HPC Tailored to Research Needs with OpenStack Cloud

With a centralized, open-source HPC model, the University of Kentucky offers academic researchers flexible compute resources while reducing licensing costs by up to 60 percent.

Count on Carahsoft


Dell Technologies understands that in times like these many of our customers are working from home and that you may need some guidance finding the right remote working solutions for your organization.



Dell is running a global promotion of its VDI solutions. For more information on discounts, special contract terms, and complimentary deployment services, please contact the Dell Team at Carahsoft via email at DELLPartnerTeam@carahsoft.com or call 866-Dell-2-Go.



Dell is running a global promotion of it work from home telework devices. For more information on discounts, special contract terms, and complimentary deployment services, please contact the Dell Team at Carahsoft via email at DELLPartnerTeam@carahsoft.com or call 866-Dell-2-Go.













Dell Technologies provides many capabilities and options to assist Federal Government Information Technology departments in addressing the many aspects of the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDCCI) as well as the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA).

To assist the Federal Government in addressing FDCCI and improving FITARA compliance, federal agencies must continue to modernize and to modernize the data center. We believe that there are four foundational pillars or attributes that must be in place to deliver results via the Modern Data Center:

1. Flash Based – Flash based storage reduces the number of drives required to deliver greater performance, which in turn dramatically reduces the cost of delivering consistent and predictable low-latency performance. The reduction in drives would help contribute to part of the FDCCI and FITARA initiatives to reduce floor space, power consumption, and cooling requirements needed to deliver day-to-day storage services. The economics have approached an inflection point, as increasing capacities and decreasing flash prices have combined to drive capacity efficiencies.

2. Scale-Out – Utilizing a scale-out architectural design allows IT departments to deploy systems with a low-cost entry point, while providing a modular approach to scaling out the infrastructure as requirements grow. By designing systems to scale as a single-managed, scale-out system, federal IT departments can efficiently manage massive capacities with few resources. This is critical when dealing with ever-expanding workloads and the need to iterate and expand services in a rapid time frame. A scale-out architecture design facilitates rapid and modular expansion as needed, which enables federal IT organizations to address consolidation and closure of existing data centers.

3. Software-Defined – Using a software-defined model allows Federal IT organizations to automate configuration and deployment of IT services, deliver greater business agility and a more flexible, programmable approach to managing data services. The Automation of Infrastructure Management is another initiative of the FITARA. Leveraging a software-defined model will accelerate this process.

4. Cloud Enabled – Cloud-enabled infrastructures are fundamental to Modern Data Center design. Infrastructure services must be delivered via policy-driven methodologies. To achieve true agility, speed, and efficiency, these policies must extend beyond the data center. IT must have the ability to deploy and manage information and applications – both on- and off-premise – as well as the flexibility to move those workloads back and forth as a business requires. In Dell Technologies hybrid cloud, workloads exist on-premise, which provides a path for organizations to move workloads into the cloud or create workloads in the cloud as needed. Being cloud enabled will allow federal IT agencies to address the Cloud Investment initiative.

Click here to learn how Dell Technologies solutions can help your agency comply with FITARA goals.

Dell Services


Whether in a data center, on a desk, stationary, or mobile, Carahsoft enables our partner’s technology assets to be instantly ready, generating business value faster, reliably, and economically. Carahsoft’s service offering provides a comprehensive suite of services for the planning, design, deployment, maintenance, refresh and take-back of End-User/Client/Enterprise systems, including the mission-critical facilities they are housed in. These services are supported by a 100,000 square-foot state-of-the-art configuration center, 24x7 operations, and on-site deployment at locations inside and outside the Continental U.S.

This robust service offering includes:

  • Readiness

    Assessment, surveys and audits for new deployments, upgrades, refreshes, consolidations and migrations.

  • Logistics

    Vendor managed inventory, kitting, progressive pre-builds, maintain schedules and last mile delivery.

  • Configuration

    Setting, tagging, OS, and data management, creating instantly-ready systems.

  • Integration

    Racking, stacking, MDC integration, validation and testing to the highest standards in factory or on premise.

  • Deployment

    Manage client deployments, cluster and enterprise rack delivery, MDC installation - unparalleled expertise in any situation.

  • Operations

    Round-the-clock comprehensive support, monitoring and staffing options to support and transform IT infrastructure.

  • Move

    Expertly managed, process-driven and runbook-based movies, migration, relocations and consolidations of IT assets.

  • Take-back

    Custom programs to assist in refreshing or recycling obsolete and end-of-life assets.

  • White Labeling

    We offer the option to white label these services on behalf of your company.

To learn more information about these service offerings, visit our CID page.

State, Local & Education


Henrico County Public Schools pioneered student-centered learning enabled by technology and continues to deepen that model with a special focus on professional learning for teachers. With more than 51,000 students in 72 schools, HCPS wanted to continue the innovative transformation of its instructional model, so its teachers and curriculum could help students become more life-ready with skills in communications, character, citizenship, and critical and creative thinking. Dell Technologies has allowed HCPS to reduce HCPS’s annual device repair rates by two-thirds with their continuing improvements in resilient and rugged design, engineering, and manufacturing.



Touro College of Dental Medicine empowers students to improve patient outcomes by delivering tomorrow’s digital dentistry, running on a Hyperconverged infrastructure with Dell Technologies VxRail. With Dell, Touro was able to minimize costs, administrative complexity, rack space, and power consumption. By reducing staff, Touro saved nearly $1,000,000.



The University of Arkansas cuts support costs and enables access to applications anytime, anywhere and on any device with a Dell Technologies virtual desktop infrastructure.



Gain competitive advantage by designing solutions to automate and accelerate battlefield intelligence, operations and decision-making. When trust and security are imperative, Dell Technologies OEM | Embedded & Edge Solutions is the partner you need to design the high-performance systems necessary for mission-critical success.



Multi-cloud poses opportunities and challenges to government agencies. Multi-cloud implemented ineffectively can create data islands that impact data security, management, and compliance in government agencies carrying classified information. When adopted effectively, however, multi-cloud is valuable to government agencies as it prevents vendor lock-in and offers flexibility, optimized performance, and sometimes reduced costs.A cloud management system must be carefully and strategically implemented to maximize the benefits.



Protecting your organization from the inevitability of cyberattacks – especially ransomware – requires a multi-layered approach. You’ve got to prevent attacks (of course), but you’ve also got to be prepared for the worst. Dell EMC Cyber Recovery protects your organization’s most critical data within an isolated secure vault. Through an innovative REST API-based automation approach, your data is removed from the attack surface. Additionally, Cyber Recovery brings flexibility in automating robust analytics by integrating custom or well-known industry tools into your workflow. This facilitates a robust and proactive workflow to help increase cyber resilience throughout your organization.



GSA Schedule 70

Dec 20, 2011- Dec 19, 2021


Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC)

Aug 10, 2019- Jun 30, 2022


Upcoming Events

November 05, 2020 at 2:00 PM ET

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Dell's Innovation In Government Report



Solutions Brief
Federal IT Modernization Tech Brief

Although IT modernization is now the dominant buzz phrase throughout the government, it is digital transformation that will keep agencies from falling further behind in meeting the public's expectations. The two initiatives - transformation and modernization - go hand-in-hand. But since digital transformation depends on technology, modernizing the underlying technology infrastructure is key to success. It's also crucial to making government employees more productive and to attracting new talent to the federal workforce.

Read this briefing to learn how essential IT and digital transformation and modernization can be in your organization and how it can future-proof your business approaches.


Webinar Series
Digital Transformation in the IC


Customer Success Story

The University of Arkansas cuts support costs and enables access to applications anytime, anywhere and on any device with a Dell EMC virtual desktop infrastructure.


Dell EMC VxRail is the Hyperconverged infrastructure foundation for the Dell Technologies Cloud; a turnkey HCI platform proven to drive IT transformation by accelerating data center modernization and simplifying the path to hybrid cloud. Designed with VMware, for VMware; VxRail is purpose-built ...


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GovCast Featuring Stuart McGuigan, CIO, State Department

Defense Department agencies and their mission partners can work on projects in a DOD-authorized cloud environment almost immediately – and at significantly lower costs – by using a program called milCloud 2.0. The fit-for-purpose commercial cloud program, managed by GDIT, sits in a multi-tenant,...

Gov Cast - Rich Haley, Executive Assistant Director of IT, FBI


To understand just how far agencies have come over the last nearly 10 years with moving to the cloud, it’s not about numbers or savings or even governance. It’s about how agencies are impacting mission by understanding what belongs in the cloud, what should stay on-premise and how the hybrid env...

More data, affordable computing power and better algorithms are making AI accessible for government

Connectrix systems deliver low latency, deterministic behavior and scalability with unmatched six 9s reliability. In addition, port speed and port density have increased to 32Gb/s Fibre Channel, allowing a greater number of devices attached per floor tile and rack unit height, thereby allowing great...