CyGlass SaaS Solutions

  • CyGlass Hybrid Network Defense

    Hybrid Network Defense is the network detection and response (NDR) solution offered by CyGlass. It consists of the core AI engine platform, policy engine, reporting engine, and all data flows related to network (north/south & east/west) traffic. The policy and reporting engine has over 100 NIST/ISO controls and prebuilt program, risk and threat reports. The core platform also comes with 30 days of hot data storage backup.

    Hybrid Network Defense targets organizations looking to deploy a base NDR tool to protect their on-premise networks. It is the least costly solution CyGlass offers designed for smaller, budget-constrained organizations.

    CyGlass Add-On licensing allows customers to upgrade their CyGlass Hybrid Network Defense solution to include additional data sources for threat detection and remediation. Each data source has a per-user, per-month fee that discounts on a volume curve. Add-on data sources covered by CyGlass:

    • Active Directory/User
    • M365/User
    • IoT Device
    • EDR/User
    • Cloud Platform/User (Azure, AWS, Google)
    • Cloud Application/User
    • VPN/User

    Additional add-on features to the CyGlass Hybrid Network Defense solution include specialized reporting packages for specific- prebuilt regulatory and specialized industry compliance reports with an annual charge. Customers can also increase their hot data storage backup to 60, 90, or 180 days for an additional fee.

  • CyGlass eXtended Cloud Defense

    eXtended Cloud Defense is CyGlass’ Open XDR platform. eXtended Cloud Defense is a complete XDR/SIEM Alternative solution that includes the Hybrid Network Defense features and our cloud, Azure/AD, and EDR threat correlation engine. The solution bundles all data sources available at a discounted price.

    eXtended Cloud Defense includes all compliance controls, reports, and configurable policy and reporting engine. The solution provides 30 days of hot data storage, which can be extended to 60, 90, or 180 days for an additional fee.

    eXtended Cloud Defense targets medium to large organizations looking to deploy an XDR solution with specific network and cloud defense and remediation strengths. This solution especially appeals to organizations that have deployed EDR tools like Sentinel One or MS Defender but lack visibility and protections across cloud platforms and hybrid networks.