• The Best of What’s New in Cybersecurity

    Big threats, more funding and smarter technologies.

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  • Finally, Cybersecurity Gets the Attention It Deserves

    A confluence of factors push the issue into the executive suite.

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  • Achieving a Sustainable Cybersecurity Strategy

    Sustaining a strong cybersecurity stance is more difficult as the threat environment expands and cyberattacks become more virulent. Carolyn Duby, field CTO for Cloudera, discusses tactics — including greater collaboration between state and local governments — to maximize protection.

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  • Intelligent, Ubiquitous Security

    Protecting endpoints and personally identifiable information across the enterprise is no longer a job for siloed devices and cybersecurity staff working alone. Tony Lee, Vice President of Global Services Technical Operations at BlackBerry, explains how AI-enabled security and automation will help state and local governments address the cybersecurity challenges of today and tomorrow.

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  • Disaster Recovery in the Age of Ransomware

    Drew Schlussel, director of product marketing at Wasabi, explains why traditional disaster recovery strategies aren’t effective for fighting ransomware and what organizations can do to make their systems less attractive to attackers.

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  • Cyber Leaders Panel Discussion: Zero Trust

    Government and nonprofit leaders from the CISA, OIG, and DOC join industry leaders from Forcepoint, Fidelis Cybersecurity, and Forward Networks to discuss how zero trust architecture is changing government cybersecurity.

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  • The Ongoing Quest for Cybersecurity

    As threats evolve and networks expand, the need to transform the government’s cybersecurity strategies has never been more urgent.

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  • Taking Aim at a Moving Cyber Target

    Agencies are in search of ways to secure networks that are as fluid as the cyber world in which they operate.

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  • The Future of Cybersecurity is Autonomous

    AI can counter an attack faster than humans — and tip the scales back to the side of network defenders.

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  • Tailoring Zero Trust to Individual Users

    By understanding normal behavior, agencies can develop more granular cybersecurity strategies and control.

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  • Cybersecurity at Scale

    Remote work, the shift to cloud environments, expansion of digital services and other trends have altered the threat terrain. Chris Radosh, vice president and general manager for U.S. federal business at Trend Micro, discusses emerging tools and practical strategies for advanced threat protection.

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  • Modernizing Security for a Mobile Workforce

    Agencies need to redirect their security efforts to keep pace with the changes and movements of the workforce.

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  • Changing Your Perspective on Security

    To outwit today’s cyber criminals, security professionals must think as cunningly as their adversaries. But doing so requires a change in perspective, says CDG Senior Fellow Morgan Wright. Wright is an adviser to the U.S. Congress House Science, Space and Technology Committee. He previously served as a senior adviser in the U.S. State Department Antiterrorism Assistance Program and was senior law enforcement adviser for the 2012 Republican National Convention. Here’s what Wright had to say about thinking differently about security.

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  • The Dangers that Lurk in Mobile Apps

    Most agencies are overlooking a significant source of threats to their employees and data.

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  • Why Data is a Critical Cybersecurity Tool

    AI-powered analysis of system data can help agencies strengthen their response to cyberthreats.

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