• SolarWinds’ Transparency Trying to Ensure Others are Safer from Cyber Attacks

    Sudhakar Ramakrishna, President and CEO at SolarWinds, explores how cybersecurity requires both initial design and ongoing learning.

    • Cybersecurity , SolarWinds
  • TIC 3.0, Format Preserving Encryption of Data Give Agencies Hope Against Cyber Attacks

    John Fanguy, CTO of CyberRes at Micro Focus Government Solutions, discusses how TIC 3.0 will change the approach to data protection.

    • Big Data, Cybersecurity , Micro Focus Government Solutions
  • Federal News Network Report: FedRAMP

    Learn from leaders at the Department of Defense, General Services Administration, Department of Homeland Security, and Carahsoft's technology partners on how multiple initiatives and the likely passage of the FedRAMP Authorization Act are creating a better, faster and cheaper cloud security program.

    • Cloud, Cybersecurity , All
  • Edge: The Next Paradigm Shift in IT

    Lelah Manz, Senior Vice President for Web Performance at Akamai, explores how edge computing complements cloud-based centralization to help mitigate inefficiencies and risks.

    • Cybersecurity , Akamai
  • The Zero Trust Approach to Cyber Starts from the Inside

    John Davis, Vice President of Public Sector at Palo Alto Networks, explains how the concept of protecting from the inside of their IT infrastructures out (instead of the outside in) helps move agencies toward a Zero Trust approach.

    • CMMC, Cybersecurity , Palo Alto Networks
  • Gaining Greater Network Visibility Leads to Greater Digital Transformation Success

    Dennis Reilly, Vice President of Public Sector at Gigamon, explains why agencies need visibility of all data in transit, on premise or in the cloud so leaders can determine where security issues exist and secure these vulnerabilities.

    • CMMC, Cybersecurity , Gigamon
  • FCW Report: Building a More Secure Cloud

    Learn how the need to find solutions to complex cloud security challenges is growing and how FedRAMP and cloud service providers are moving to fill the gap. Featuring insights from Carahsoft's cloud security technology partners and industry research from FCW.

    • Cloud, Cybersecurity , All
  • Creating a Blueprint for Cloud Security

    FCW's research team provides an overview of how government efforts to construct secure cloud environments have intensified during the coronavirus pandemic.

    • Cloud, Cybersecurity , All
  • Cloud and the Customer Experience

    Peter Durand, Vice President of Public Sector at Acquia, describes how advances in cloud security are boosting the public's willingness to interact with agencies online.

    • Cloud, Cybersecurity , Open Source, Acquia
  • Why Multi-Cloud and Zero Trust Are Now Essential

    Shannon Sullivan, Director of Federal at Google Cloud, explains why open-source technology and partnerships with industry are the keys to flexible, secure cloud systems.

    • Cloud, Cybersecurity , Google Cloud
  • The Route to Secure, Fast Cloud Adoption

    Rajiv Gupta, Senior Vice President for the Cloud Security Business Unit at McAfee, explains how, by taking a cloud-centric approach to security, agencies can shift their focus to mission outcomes.

    • Cloud, Cybersecurity , McAfee
  • GovLoop Guide: Raising Agencies' Cyber Intelligence

    Created in partnership with GovLoop, this guide explores how cyber intelligence enables agencies to see their people, processes and technology more clearly for better threat analysis and decision making. Featuring insights from leaders at the Cyber Crime Center, the Defense Logistics Agency and the State of Minnesota.

    • Cybersecurity , All
  • Cloud Security Considerations for DoD Mission Partners

    Jeffrey Phelan, milCloud® 2.0 Cloud Services Portfolio Lead at GDIT, describes how DOD mission partners benefit from a fit-for-purpose cloud that offers the highest levels of security.

    • Cloud, Cybersecurity , milCloud 2.0
  • Agencies Must Get Identity Right to Move to a Zero Trust, More Secure Posture

    Morey Haber, Chief Technology Officer & Chief Information Security Officer at BeyondTrust, and Frank Briguglio, Global Public Sector Strategist at SailPoint, explain how identity affects every aspect of cybersecurity for government agencies.

    • CMMC, Cybersecurity , BeyondTrust, SailPoint
  • The Evolution of Trusted Connections

    Habib Hourani, Solutions Engineer at Okta, discusses how zero trust and adaptive security workflows support more robust cloud environments.

    • Cloud, CMMC, Cybersecurity , Okta