• Splunk Full Length Radio Show

    Gary DePreta, the Area Vice-President for Defense, Intelligence and Aerospace at Splunk, discusses how challenges can be reduced if agencies and organizations better understand the data around their cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

    • Splunk, Cybersecurity
  • Speed up Decision-Making Capabilities with Splunk

    Gary DePreta, the Area Vice-President for Defense, Intelligence, and Aerospace at Splunk, explains why agencies need to speed up their decision-making capability when protecting their networks and systems.

    • Splunk, Cybersecurity
  • A Holistic Perspective of Cybersecurity Data

    Gary DePreta, the Area Vice-President for Defense, Intelligence, and Aerospace at Splunk, discusses why cybersecurity data needs to be understood from a more holistic perspective.

    • Splunk, Cybersecurity
  • GCN Report: The Next Wave of Cybersecurity

    Learn how government agencies are navigating through the increasingly treacherous sea of cyberthreats using emerging tools and tactics.

    • All, Cybersecurity
  • Weathering the Cyber Storm

    Read about the evolving efforts agencies are taking to combat cybersecurity challenges and protect their systems.

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  • Evolving Your Security Posture

    Read how automation and orchestration are integral to maturing your cyber security program as written about by Chris Usserman.

    • Cybersecurity , Infoblox
  • Staying Ahead of the Cyber Threat Curve

    Learn about the importance of pinpointing vulnerabilities and building strategic partnerships in order to outwit cyber attackers from Bill Rucker, President of Trustwave Government Solutions.

    • Cybersecurity , Trustwave
  • Breaking the Cycle of Cyber Breaches

    Read about how finding the right mix of security tools requires flexibility and a focus on the outcomes, written by Akamai's Senior Director of Global Security Strategy, Patrick Sullivan.

    • Cybersecurity , Akamai
  • The Promise and Pitfalls of Mobility

    See what Paul Battagalia, Vice President of Government Sales at Blackberry, has to say about how mobile devices are the new frontier for hackers and adversaries — and for the agencies that must secure them.

    • BlackBerry, Cybersecurity
  • Cyber is a Data Problem

    Learn how agencies can outsmart cyber threats with the help of machine intelligence as written by Barry Leffew, Senior Vice President and General Manager of National Security Software.

    • SAP NS2, Cybersecurity
  • Zero Trust and the Quest for Cloud Security

    Hear about why the government needs to combine the power of FedRAMP and TIC to build trusted environments in the cloud from Stephen R. Kovac, Vice President of Global Government and Compliance at Zscaler.

    • Cybersecurity , Zscaler
  • Executive Viewpoint with Dominic Cussatt

    Read about how Veterans Affairs is creating a resilient cyber security ecosystem from chief information security officer Dominic Cussatt.

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  • Resource: Who is SAP NS2?

    This YouTube video explains who NS2 is and how it functions as a wholly owned subsidiary of SAP America, Inc.

    • SAP NS2, Cybersecurity
  • Resource: Enforce a Zero Trust Security Model in Today's Hostile Environment

    Read this whitepaper to learn about a security paradigm for today's hostile environment: zero trust. Also, read about why IT should move away from perimeter security and embrace cloud services.

    • Cybersecurity , Akamai
  • Resource: Why Successful Digital Transformation Demands a Zero Trust Security Model

    This infographic describes why digital transformation requires enterprisesecurity and network evolution.

    • Cybersecurity , Akamai