CounterCraft Solutions for the Public Sector

The PlatformTM
Our best-in-breed deception platform, providing active defense and custom intel far beyond traditional detection solutions.

  • Most flexible deployment model of any Deception vendor on-prem, cloud, hybrid or air-gapped deployments.
  • Most configurable system of any Deception vendor e.g. low bandwidth environments, flexibility of deception decoys (custom or legacy), external and internal attack surface capabilities.
  • Best stealth agent of any Deception vendor able to detect zero-day breaches. Prevention without prior knowledge.​​​​​​​
  • Native integration with MITRE frameworks & NIST 800-53 controls.
  • Cloud first — Integration with AWS & Azure. Only Deception vendor with full cloud capabilities.​​​​​​​
  • ActiveBehavior — Use Personas to simulate real user activity within your deception environment.​​​​​​​
  • Only deception vendor deployed by both DoD and NATO. Military grade adversary engagement & threat research. We beat every red team, every time.
  • Richest attack telemetry flow of any Deception vendor able to provide adversary behavior models.​​​​​​​
  • High fidelity alerts, reduces analyst/SOC fatigue by prioritizing response.


  • Everything, everywhere all at once
    • Can be deployed on all environments (on prem, in cloud, hybrid) while monitoring and analyzing all the malicious activity on the same screen.
    • Attack path design and incident analysis on the same attack tree interface view
  • Cloud-first
    • On prem environment deployment is 10x times faster than other solutions
    • Cloud environment deployment is 100x times faster than other solutions: 4-5 click cloud server installation (AWS, Azure etc.)
    • No direct connection with real production environment, evading business disruption
  • Threat Intelligence
    • Generated by your adversaries
    • Contextualized threat intel relevant to your organization
    • Prioritize your actions and decisions
  • High automation with multiple use case possibilities
    • 40 different use case templates ready to be deployed under one-click installation (lateral movement, SWIFT servers, VPNs, SCADA etc.)

  • Credibility
    • ActiveSense Environments uses real systems in realistic ways to give your adversaries what they’re expecting to find
    • Unlike honeypots, we deploy automated moving target defense and sophisticated detection and response.
    • Integrated ActiveBehaviorTM functionality simulates real user hands-on activity, making the digital twin environment unrecognizable even to employees and needing less monitoring and analysis time for SOC teams.

The EdgeTM

Try out a particular benefit from The Platform, by selecting the powerful deception and threat intel you need most to stop threats before they attack your organization.

Unlike competitor solutions, we offer full-managed service from our elite customer success team. From deception deployment, campaign monitoring to threat intelligence analysis and full incident reporting.

The PulseTM

A subscription-based, real-time threat intelligence feed, providing actual incident data from our own deception campaigns. The Pulse helps threat intelligence analysts with relevant, timely and actionable intelligence that tells the whole story, including TTPs, real threat actor playbooks, behaviors, motives and capabilities.

How is this different/better than our competition?

The Pulse provides real time threat intelligence that goes beyond IOCs. Its industry specific deception farms gathers data relevant to your industry vertical. The Pulse gathers every line of telemetry as soon as the threat actor engages with the deception assets - there is no other tool that captures this level of granular intelligence. Access detailed threat intel on the latest exploits and vulnerabilities on the web via API in real time.