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Enabling COVID-19 Response: Vaccine Management

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      Akamai’s Vaccine Edge builds upon Akamai’s decades-long track record of creating superior user experiences with site delivery and DDoS protection solutions. A key feature of Vaccine Edge is the Waiting Room, which encourages visitors to stay on your site — lowering the risk of abandonment. Throughout the pandemic, we have leveraged our scale and support to make the internet fast, reliable, and secure amid unprecedented demand. Akamai’s Vaccine Edge provides the delivery, security, and waiting room logic for your vaccination registration website.

      Akamai Vaccine Edge Brief
      Akamai’s Vaccine Edge provides the delivery, security, and waiting room logic for your vaccination registration website. Learn how your agency can:

      • Maintain mission continuity despite unprecedented load
      • Seamlessly scale to meet sudden spikes in traffic demand
      • Keep visitors engaged with a branded waiting room experience
      • Operate more securely online
      • Deploy and manage site updates and registration easily
      Read the full mission brief now.

      Prevent Hospital Ransomware Attacks at No Cost
      Malicious Domain Blocking and Reporting (MDBR) is now available to public and private hospitals. Learn how this program:

      • Can be implemented in minutes, on existing systems, without additional hardware or software
      • Doesn’t interfere with business as usual and patient care
      • Is proven to be effective against ransomware attacks
      • Provides hospitals with weekly reports summarizing the potentially malicious requests detected
      Read more about MDBR in the whitepaper.

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      The scale and urgency of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout has challenged public health departments to quickly enroll and onboard providers. Public and private healthcare organizations must rapidly develop processes to gain patient consent, verify eligibility and manage huge demand for vaccinations. DocuSign can help you move quickly to digitize and streamline the paperwork processes that underpin any vaccination program. Use cases include:
      • Digital patient consents
      • Onboarding providers
      • Digital identity verification (to mitigate against line-skippers)
      • Vaccination records requests (to enable people to get back to work or travel)

      Best Practices for Digitizing Vaccine Management and Distribution
      The DocuSign Agreement Cloud enables public health departments, hospitals and clinics to speed up and scale up the vaccine administration process by automating forms and workflows around onboarding providers, digitizing patient consents and streamlining immunization records requests.Read more in this blog post.

      Rapidly and Safely Scale Vaccine Distribution with Digital Processes
      Relying on manual paperwork to address a project of this magnitude creates delays, redundancy and potentially a poor patient experience when speed is essential. Automating and digitizing these forms and workflows creates a better, faster and seamless patient experience for vaccine management while maintaining compliance with HIPAA and PHI regulations.Read the solution brief to learn more.

      Vaccine Patient Consent Demo
      Check out this 2-minute demo to see how DocuSign is helping to power the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine.Watch the demo.

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      Google Cloud has supported communities and public health organizations throughout the pandemic through research grants, telehealth support, and more. As the global challenge to immunize millions of people continues to rise, we’re proud to extend our commitment with Google Cloud’s Intelligent Vaccine Impact solution. This offering includes a set of core technologies to help regional and local governments deliver successful COVID-19 public health strategies, ranging from vaccine information and scheduling, to distribution and analytics, to forecasting and modeling COVID-19 cases, and more. The Intelligent Vaccine Impact solution helps increase vaccine availability and equitable access to those who need it, and assists governments in building awareness, confidence, and acceptance of vaccines. We designed our solution to easily integrate with existing technologies, knowing that governments will administer their vaccine distributions in unique ways.
      On-Demand Webinar
      Vaccine distribution and allocation via your State’s Department of Health is a critical step toward containing the COVID-19 virus, but one that is fraught with scale and operational challenges. Watch this on-demand webinar to understand how a data driven approach can help drive successful and efficient vaccine distribution and allocation in our quest to get back to a sense of normalcy. You’ll also learn about the end-to-end vaccine management platform we’ve created to streamline the entire process, from provider enrollment through post-vaccine tracking and analytics.View the webinar here.
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      Citizens are flooding websites with questions around the COVID-19 vaccination. Granicus’ Vaccine Communication Toolkit can help your agency educate and build trust in the vaccine, engage hard-to-reach communities, provide timely and current information, and support effective vaccine distributions. Discover the capabilities of Granicus’ Vaccine Communications Toolkit and ensure your agency is prepared for vaccine communications.
      Granicus Vaccine Communications Toolkit
      Build trust and transparency around COVID-19 vaccine messaging with the Granicus Vaccine Communications Toolkit. This toolkits includes:
      • Digital communications tools
      • Real-time national analytics
      • Peer content sharing
      • Digital strategy support
      • Granicus Subscriber Network access
      • Digital Services

      On-Demand Webinar - Expert Dicussion: Vaccine Distribution
      You have your initial COVID-19 vaccine supply, but do you have a strategy to ensure effective distribution? Communicators must develop and implement multi-faceted plans that build trust in the vaccine, create awareness around distribution plans, and educate eligible vaccine recipients about when and where to make an appointment.Watch on-demandto learn how Danielle Kenneweg, Director of Health Promotions and Health Education for the State of Washington, leveraged the department’s communication planning approach and tools, including Granicus govDelivery, to support successful vaccination efforts.

      On-Demand Webinar - Serving the Underserved: Reaching At-Risk Communities During Crisis
      With the COVID-19 vaccine rollout underway, governments are struggling to communicate with these underserved communities. The reality is, no government entity has perfected COVID-related communications. The unusual nature of this pandemic has essentially leveled that playing field. The communities that will likely achieve the highest rates of success are the ones that can commit to transparent and consistent streams of communication with their constituents, as well as decisive, empathetic decision-making from government organizations. Effective, culturally sensitive, and reassuring communications disseminated by governments and trusted community partners via multiple channels will be key to achieving desired vaccination rates.Watch this on-demand webinar to learn more.

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      Technology and connectivity are the lifeblood of the modern world. As people become more and more reliant on technology, reliable power becomes more critical. Gridless Power is needed whenever the grid isn’t available, whether there has been a disaster or technology is being deployed remotely. Gridless solves the most valuable off-grid power problems, both planned and unplanned.

      Gridless Power for Emergencies
      Much of the critical equipment needed during an emergency requires power to operate. Gridless helps get that power to where it is needed most, quickly, safely, and easily.Download the resource here

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      Microsoft provides a best in class, flexible platform to inform the public, schedule vaccinations, automate mobile facilities, monitor outcomes, and manage the supply chain for COVID-19 vaccines. Microsoft provides configurable applications to connect eligible patients with vaccination facilities, manage vaccine inventory, provide insights through a leadership dashboard, and empower care providers. This platform extends from the patient to the back office with touch-free registration, enterprise-grade inventory management, and layers of support for the public through digital channels.

      As several COVID-19 vaccines have received regulatory approval in the U.S., the E.U., Japan, and other countries, governments around the world must establish systems to ensure effective and equitable distribution. Read how Microsoft’s technology is helping state public health and human services agencies support this monumental task.Download the whitepaper here.

      On-Demand Webinar
      The lessons learned from navigating the challenges faced when the pandemic first hit can help governments better prepare for the future: vaccine distribution & management and a return to work.Watch this on-demand webinarto learn:

      • Vaccine considerations around inventory, registration, scheduling and more
      • How existing tools and technologies can be redeployed to aid with future COVID challenges
      • What this all means for a safe and effective return to work down the road

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      Government agencies across regional, state, county, and city levels are all looking for ways to effectively facilitate vaccine management programs in the wake of COVID-19. No matter what platform is leveraged to facilitate comprehensive vaccine management, integration will play a critical role in connecting these systems with EHRs, Immunization Information Systems (IIS), data stored in on-premise and other back-end systems, and more.

      MuleSoft's Anypoint Platform is the most advanced enterprise platform for designing, developing, managing APIs and integrations, helping public health and other agencies involved in vaccination efforts securely connect data and processes across internal teams, healthcare providers, distribution partners and other government agencies.

      On-Demand Webinar
      How an API-led strategy can unlock rapid Vaccine Management at scale.Watch Now.

      Case Study with Salesforce
      Lake County, IL is a Trailblazer in developing an integrated vaccine orchestration strategy on the cloud.Read this case study to learn more.

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      Public trust is as important as efficacy when it comes to effective vaccine management. The Qualtrics Vaccine Management + Citizen Experience solution helps governments understand public sentiment, schedule and track vaccinations, and report administration results in real-time.
      • Short Video:Qualtrics Vaccine Management COVID-19 Solution
      • Press release:Qualtrics Announces a Breakthrough End-to-End Automated Solution for Vaccine Management + Citizen Experience
      • Blog:A COVID-19 Vaccine Without Vaccinations? Here's How Governments Can Ensure a Successful Roll-Out
      • On-Demand Demonstration:Why Experience Management Is Critical to Vaccine Management
      • Research Report:Readiness to Trust a COVID-19 Vaccine
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      Based on industry standards, best-of-breed enterprise open source technologies, and a modular implementation approach, Red Hat has built a COVID validation check-in application that is interoperable across multiple private and public platforms and can adapt to meet your organization’s needs.

      COVID Validation Check-in for Government Agencies

      As the government workforce returns to the office, agencies need an efficient way to determine employees’ status with COVID-19 vaccination or testing requirements. Employees want a simple solution that respects their choices and keeps personal information private. Human Resources (HR) needs metrics and the agility to adapt to new executive orders or policies. IT teams need security, ease of management, and the ability to scale up and down as requirements change. Download the solution brief to learn more.

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      Salesforce provides a variety of workforce readiness tools to help your department or agency connect the right people to the right information, quickly, easily, and securely, enabling you to control teleworking requests and report on employee teleworking status and issues. Vaccine Cloud, technology to help government agencies, healthcare organizations, businesses, nonprofits, and educational institutions more rapidly, safely and efficiently deploy and manage their vaccine programs.

      Vaccine Cloud will help health authorities, healthcare providers, and organizations more safely and efficiently manage vaccine programs at scale, from vaccination appointment, registration, and scheduling to inventory management and public health outreach. With Vaccine Cloud, customers will be able to design, build, integrate, and manage their vaccine programs end-to-end, with a platform that is trusted, flexible, and can be deployed quickly.

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      We are committed to helping you manage the unique, rapidly evolving challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. ServiceNow, the leading digital workflow company that makes work, work better for people, announced a customer care plan to support its public sector customers in managing the COVID‑19 pandemic.

      As part of this effort, the company has announced four new community apps to help its customers, including government agencies and enterprises, manage complex emergency response workflows.

      Additional Support Resources

      Employee Readiness Surveys
      Helps organizations gauge their workforce’s level of preparedness to return to the workplace by presenting and capturing employee responses to a series of questions that address employees’ personal readiness for and level of interest in returning to the workplace.Learn more.

      Employee Health Screening
      Enables companies to screen employees before entering the workplace to ensure compliance with entry requirements such as temperature check and personal protective equipment (PPE) allowing employers to determine if it’s safe for the employee to enter the workplace. The app also provides a reporting dashboard to view trends by sites and record the return of employees into their facilities.Learn more.

      Workplace Safety Management
      Allows facilities and workplace services managers to quickly configure clean and hygienic, socially distanced workspaces so that employees can safely return to the workplace. The app lets managers assign shifts so that employees occupy these workspaces for a specific amount of time and configure cleaning schedules at the end of each shift.Learn more.

      Workplace PPE Inventory Management
      Helps organizations manage and monitor their PPE inventory needs to ensure the physical safety of their workforce. The app’s dashboard provides a comprehensive view of inventory by facility, as well as an aggregate look at the entire workplace and historical data on how equipment levels have changed over time. Inventory levels can be updated daily for accurate, real-time inventory management.Learn more.

      Managing a Safe and Efficient Federal Workplace
      In May of 2020, ServiceNow® launched the Safe Workplace suite to help our customers manage the essential steps for returning to the workplace and provide a safe working environment for their employees.Learn more.

      Emergency Response Management Apps
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      The Smartsheet Vaccination Tracking template set enables organizations authorized to administer vaccines to standardize request intake, remove administrative burdens, automate communications, improve decision-making, and visualize vaccination KPIs in real-time.

      While the template set is specifically designed to accommodate either the Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 vaccines, it can be adapted and used for other vaccination workflows.

      Users on a trial, Business, Enterprise, or Premier plan license can download this for free. Additionally, while the template set is built to leverage core Smartsheet capabilities at download, organizations who wish to enhance and integrate their vaccination tracking solution can work with our services team to do so using Dynamic View, Pivot App, or Data Uploader.

      Smartsheet for Vaccine Tracking
      Learn more about the free Smartsheet vaccination tracking template. This solution helps you distribute vaccinations, making it easy to intake appointment requests, schedule vaccinations, automate communications, and track vaccine-related symptoms.Read more.

      Smartsheet Setup Guide
      Review the setup guide to understand the components of the Smartsheet vaccination tracking template and how to get started.Get started.

      Vaccine Tracking Overview
      Watch this video to learn more about the Smartsheet vaccination tracking template.Watch now.

      COVID-19 Response Resource Center
      Access free template sets to support the breadth of new use cases in response to COVID-19. The Smartsheet free pre-built template sets enable you to deploy a solution quickly, without on-site training or help from IT. Visit the COVID-19 Response Resource Center here.Learn more.

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      Twilio provides the ability to use digital communications to roll out the COVID-19 vaccine efficiently and equitably. Twilio allows for informing residents about vaccine updates via email, SMS, voice and more. Answer inbound questions and reach target populations with time-sensitive information. Twilio’s solutions have been used to monitor vaccine efficacy, serve patients with automated appointment scheduling, and coordinate with vaccine distribution partners.

      Upcoming Webinar
      In this webinar, Susan Collins, Global Head of Healthcare, and Charlie Weems, Solutions Engineer, will share real world examples that demonstrate how organizations can use communication channels like SMS, voice, webchat, and email to coordinate the largest vaccination campaign in history.Register here.

      On-Demand Webinar
      Join Twilio for a demo and discussion on how their cloud communications platform can help you quickly launch a cloud call center and notifications that can scale your contact tracing needs.Watch the webinar and view other COVID-19 resources here.

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      UiPath provides easy, actionable, and effective ways for federal, state and local, and health organizations get critical support for mass vaccine distribution using Robotic Process Automation (RPA). UiPath’s solutions have been used to help with vaccine distribution including regulatory reporting, vaccine scheduling, portable vaccine records, mass appointments, supply chain management, and reimbursement. Call us now to get started on addressing critical and time sensitive issues relating to vaccine distribution.

      On-Demand Webinar

      Join UiPath for an important and timely discussion about how Robotic Process Automation (RPA) drives speed and accuracy in vaccine distribution and learn how to get started with RPA to address challenges related to vaccine distribution. We’ve discussed the top 6 ways RPA has been used to help with vaccine distribution including regulatory reporting, vaccine scheduling, portable vaccine records, mass appointments, supply chain management, and reimbursement.Watch the webinar now.