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Technology and connectivity are the lifeblood of the modern world. As people become more and more reliant on technology, reliable power becomes more critical. Gridless Power is needed whenever the grid isn’t available, whether there has been a disaster or technology is being deployed remotely. Gridless solves the most valuable off-grid power problems, both planned and un-planned.


  • Gridless CORE – a deployable, intelligent battery system
  • Gridless Cloud – an online platform for asset tracking and logistics
  • Gridless SOURCE 1000 – an AC charger to recharge the CORE in one hour
  • Gridless SOURCE 200S – a lightweight, foldable solar panel to extend the run-time of the CORE
  • Gridless WiFi NODE – a lightweight, self-powered industrial grade WiFi network
  • Gridless Sentry – an off-grid camera system with built-in battery, model, antenna, and solar charging

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