• Gridless

Gridless is a battery technology company that designs and manufactures products for enterprise and government customers. With a passion for solving challenging power problems, Gridless aims to change the way people think about delivering off-grid energy. For over a decade, our batteries have been used by the U.S. military for edge, mobile deployments. Gridless products serve a myriad of other use cases, spanning off-grid security and power for infrastructure, utilities, construction, cities and towns, parks and rec, law enforcement, first responders, transportation, education, entertainment, agriculture, retail, and beyond. Gridless batteries are hardened and reliable, designed to handle the most extreme environments and use cases.

Products and Services

  • Gridless CORE – Intelligent, high-capacity battery system that is deployable and durable

  • Gridless Sentry – Off-grid, camera systems with built-in battery, modem, antenna, and solar charging

  • Gridless Power Testing - bespoke battery cell and pack test services

  • Gridless ATEs - End of line and maintenance equipment for battery and equipment producers

  • Gridless Battery Hardware - Technical components for battery and equipment manufacturers

  • Gridless Installation - Certified installers of Gridless technology

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