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CloudBees and Carahsoft have partnered to provide a series of self-guided tours for CloudBees’s enterprise-ready DevSecOps solutions. Similar to a live demonstration, these in-depth walkthroughs explore CloudBees's wide array of use cases that can help meet you and your organization’s unique IT needs.


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CloudBees DevSecOps Self-Guided Tour

CloudBees DevSecOps Self-Guided Tour

CloudBees is a cloud native DevSecOps solution that offers a suite of features and services unique to enterprises modernizing their software delivery processes. With CloudBees, organizations can test their code during development and enforce access controls, gates and thresholds. Hardened delivery pipelines prevent drift and tampering, providing assurance that only approved components and environments are used. CloudBees can provide organizations with efficient pipeline development for security, scalability, reliability and innovation in their software development and delivery processes, enabling better results to fulfill mission outcomes. Organizations can also utilize automated deployment strategies for instant remediation or mitigation of defective code in production, eliminating the need to redeploy. The CloudBees model is partner-centric, investing fully in partners to make faster, more productive and more attractive Federal Systems Integrators (FSIs) for the maximum benefit of government customers.

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High Availability and Horizontal Scalability

CloudBees CI's High Availability Mode minimizes or eradicates downtime for continuous pipeline operations, even when confronted with unforeseen failures. It introduces horizontal scalability, converting overloaded monolithic controllers into dependable, stable controllers by facilitating workload sharing among replicas. This guarantees the continuity of the software delivery process through automatic load balancing and safeguarding against single points of failure.


  • With automatic load balancing to scale up with heavy loads and down when not needed - High availability mode has you covered.
  • Utilize rolling restarts during infrastructure updates and keep CI running for uninterrupted operations.
  • High Availability Solution for Jenkins. When a Jenkins controller fails, recovering it becomes a manual process. For Jenkins users prioritizing uptime and controller availability, CloudBees CI is a game changer.
  • Reduce or eliminate downtime from controller loss
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Release Orchestration

CloudBees CD/RO automates and orchestrates software releases, pipelines, and deployments — personalized for each user — with the analytics and insight to measure, track, and improve results. CloudBees CD/RO® is an enterprise-grade DevOps release automation platform that simplifies provisioning, building, and releasing of multi-tiered applications and microservices. Its model-driven approach to managing environments, applications, and microservices allows teams to coordinate multiple pipelines and releases across hybrid infrastructure in an efficient, predictable, and auditable way.


  • Provides the ability to share automation, application, and pipeline definitions across groups to improve consistency and drive efficiency
  • Displays the path to production for any artifact and includes role-based access control, automatic or manual approvals and built-in tracking for every pipeline change and run
  • Allows automated workflows, application or microservice deployments, or pipelines
  • Provides the ability to model and deploy one application or microservice for more than one use case
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Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

CI/CD workflows streamline software development. Automated processes empower developers to merge code changes swiftly while maintaining superior quality. Embracing CI/CD minimizes conflicts, detects errors earlier, and enables rapid iteration. CloudBees streamlines CI/CD workflows to achieve smooth, reliable software development and delivery processes.


  • Automate development processes reducing time and cost
  • Reduce human errors by automating tests before deployment
  • Automatically apply security patches/updates without manual intervention
  • Quickly roll back to previous versions when needed
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Cloud Native DevSecOps

The CloudBees Platform is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline and optimize the entire software delivery process. With its robust features, it enables agencies to achieve continuous integration, delivery, and deployment across diverse environments. The platform provides a unified and collaborative environment for development and operations teams, fostering faster and more efficient delivery of high-quality software. Leveraging automation and scalability, CloudBees Platform empowers businesses to meet the demands of modern software development with agility and reliability.


  • Eliminate developer grunt work with self-service, reusable, fast, secure workflows flexible enough to fit the needs of individual teams
  • Choose the best tool for the job, easily plug it in, turn it into a GH-style action, and execute anywhere you choose
  • Create actions quickly using the familiarity of a YAML-based GHA-influenced DSL or pre-built actions and templates
  • Deliver better cloud native apps faster and safer
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CloudBees CI for Jenkins

At CloudBees, we understand how critical continuous integration is for any enterprise. That's why we've developed powerful solutions to help manage and optimize your Jenkins® environment. With CloudBees CI, you can take full control of your Jenkins infrastructure in just a few clicks, streamline operations with automated workflows, enhance security and compliance, scale up quickly as you grow, and get enterprise-grade support for every step of the journey.


  • Maximize Jenkins efficiency with scalable, and governed Continuous Integration for enterprise
  • Utilize continuous integration, and automation pipelines for scalable solutions
  • Remedy monolithic controllers and prevent them from taking time away from developers
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Feature Management

CloudBees Feature Management is an advanced feature flagging solution that lets your development teams quickly build and deploy applications without compromising on safety. By providing a gradual release mechanism and a simple way to define target audiences, CloudBees Feature Management allows developers and product managers to optimize feature releases and customize the user experience. CloudBees Feature Management gives teams control over features that are in staging, production, or any environment in the deployment pipeline.


  • Push out code changes quickly and reliably
  • Automate feature rollouts and reduce complexity
  • Redesign features in minutes with no downtime
  • Granular control over feature flags, integrating seamlessly with your CI/CD workflow

CloudBees’ Benefits Snapshot:


  • Developer-Centric Experience– Simplifies DevOps with intuitive blocks, automation and streamlined processes.
  • Open and Flexible – Integrates seamlessly with existing DevOps tools, preserving prior investments and allowing for easy expansion.
  • Self-Service Model – Grants autonomy to development teams through customizable platforms, enabling quick access to tailored automations and resources.
  • Security and Compliance - Evidence real-time compliance to standards like NIST, CIS, CSA, and FedRAMP, without altering your existing processes