Permit to Public: Causeway's Future-Ready Right of Way Management Ecosystem

Causeway specializes in transforming the way the public sector manages and delivers roadworks and traffic violations - from state departments of transportation to city and county organizations. Our suite of solutions, including traffic management, plan sharing, content management, route monitoring and live links, are specifically designed to improve operational efficiency, safety and public participation in road network management.

Transportation Management builds on this foundation by providing a single operational view of all road construction planned within the right-of-way. This improves interagency collaboration by allowing state departments of transportation (DOTs) to work seamlessly with county and city departments of transportation (DOTs), giving all stakeholders access to a centralized source of information about planned roadway work. This integration will foster unprecedented cross-departmental collaboration and provide a unified approach to road space management across jurisdictions.

Plan Share sets the stage for a revolution in government right-of-way permitting and road management projects. Designed for government agencies and external organizations such as utility companies and contractors, Plan Share provides a map-based platform that simplifies the permitting and approval process. This allows permits to be obtained automatically according to guidelines set by the relevant authorities, ensuring road space adjustments are optimized accurately and easily.

Content Management provides the Department of Transportation with the opportunity to better communicate construction activities to the public. By converting complex engineering jargon into clear, accessible English, this tool streamlines communication workflows and significantly improves how construction information is communicated to the public.

Route Monitor can track routes that cover all roads in your network, from highways to secondary roads. Each route is monitored in real time using high-precision data from maritime vehicles. Key metrics, including current travel time and average speed, are displayed in a simple, powerful dashboard that gives you a glance at your network health.

Live Link brings the power of Plan Share and Traffic Manager into a convenient mobile app. This allows DOTs to transform planned work zone data into real-time, actionable information with just a few clicks. Once activated, these workspaces are published in real time to commercial navigation applications such as Google Maps, Waze and Apple Maps and commercial truck ELDs via Direct connectivity to drivers and expert navigators allows them to proactively reroute out of work zones and alert passengers to disruptions in real time, significantly improving road safety and reducing congestion.

Together, these solutions provide transit agencies with a comprehensive set of tools to more effectively manage their road networks. By facilitating smoother permitting, improving cross-agency collaboration, and communicating directly with drivers, Causeway ensures road works and traffic violations can be managed with efficiency and public engagement never before achieved.