Binti Solutions for the Public Sector

  • Licensing/Approvals Module

    Binti’s Licensing/Approvals Module consists of both an online applicant portal and agency dashboard, helping agencies to recruit and approve more high quality families more quickly to provide care for youth. Agencies using Binti have seen a significant increase in the number of approved families (compared to the prior year baseline), in 20-40% fewer days, due to the streamlined application process and systematic tracking and management of all processes online. Agencies empower families through an Online Licensing Application Process: The Licensing Module's user-friendly applicant portal allows families to begin the application process simply by clicking a link and signing up. Applicants can complete all necessary paperwork at their own pace from any computer or mobile device. An intuitive user interface (UI) guides applicants to meet all requirements. Applicants can continually go back to the main dashboard to see the progress of their application, with the ability to click into each section and continue making progress or editing previously entered information. In addition, the dashboard highlights all the milestones required for completion, such as the main application, supporting documents, background checks, training registration/completion, caseworker approval checklist, and more.

  • Placements Module

    Binti’s Placements Module helps agencies find and reach out to the best family for every child as quickly as possible. Finding the best placement option helps reduce disruptions and increase the potential for permanency for youth, both of which are outcomes this module is specifically designed to promote. This module includes a worker home page with quick views into immediate workflows that direct attention to the highest outcome impact goals of sibling placement and nearness to the community of origin. A dashboard allowing agency workers to view all families (including kinship, private agencies, and group homes if applicable) appears as a table view along with their capacity, availability, location, and child preferences. Workers can quickly sort and filter placement options based on capacity, availability, location, preferences, and special flags (e.g., emergency placement, medically trained, respite provider).

  • Case Management Module

    Binti’s Case Management Module empowers agency staff to manage and coordinate their caseload to achieve safety, permanency, and well-being for children and families. Workers see the children in their caseload, including demographics, child photo, child name, current placement, level of care, and requirements due, with a color-coded dashboard that helps workers prioritize what is overdue and coming due soon. Case Workers and designated staff complete their work online and electronically sign documents. Case Management also includes tracking client and family programs such as transition-age youth.

  • Family Finding Module

    Binti’s Family Finding Module allows various workers within agencies to easily track family finding workflows - identifying, contacting, and engaging a child’s relatives and fictive kin - in order to make informed placement decisions and to build the largest supportive network. Case Workers will be able to access a relationships dashboard showcasing all of a child’s relationships, their desired levels of support, and more. Our streamlined platform will transform the time and labor-intensive family finding process while producing better outcomes for children and agencies everywhere.