Appian Solutions for the Public Sector

Appian Platform

Appian provides a unified platform for rapidly designing new digital software solutions, automating tasks to drive efficiency, and optimizing process operations.

Using low-code design, customers can quickly visualize and build new applications and workflows. Appian’s automation capabilities across AI, IDP, RPA, and API integration ensure business processes are efficiently executed. With integrated process mining and analytics, Appian applications provide visibility to drive continuous optimization.

Appian supports the rapid construction of enterprise applications by unifying your systems in a process and data fabric. Appian’s architecture is based on four critical capabilities:

●      Data fabric to unify data across systems and build powerful applications.

●      Process automation and workflow to automate anything with integrated workflow, RPA, AI, IDP, and API integration.

●      Total experience to engage internal and external users across web and mobile experiences.

●      Process mining to discover process inefficiencies and optimize business outcomes.

The Appian Platform provides a low-code design experience for fast speed to solution; it is unified, reducing training times and dependencies on additional tools, and built for enterprise-grade applications that require high reliability, security, and scalability.

Appian Solutions

Appian Government Acquisition solutions are available for both federal and state and local government agencies:

  • Requirements Management

    Appian Requirements Management guides program staff through the requirements process for an acquisition package that needs far fewer revisions and is immediately actionable by the contracting team. It ensures the acquisition program is delivered on time, within budget, and that it meets the needs of stakeholders.

  • Award Management

    Never miss a deadline with Appian Award Management, which gives contracting organizations and program management offices the power to manage all contract award processes, activities, and data in a compliant, consistent, and reportable way. The application guides contracting and program office staff through the award management process and ensures full compliance with the FAR/DFARS, agency supplements, and agency policies.

  • Source Selection

    Accelerate acquisition decisions by evaluating vendor quotes and proposals with greater ease, efficiency, and transparency. Simplify and modernize the vendor evaluation process, reducing the risk of a protested decision.

  • Clause Automation

    Appian Clause Automation guides government contracting offices to the right clauses and provisions for solicitations, awards, orders, amendments, and modifications. It streamlines, standardizes, and secures the clause selection process, enabling consistent, accurate clause application while maintaining compliance and mitigating risk.

  • Vendor Management

    Appian Vendor Management eliminates manual and cumbersome back-and-forth interaction with vendors. It enables contracting staff to offer vendors a single portal to enable secure data sharing, easier communication, and automated validation of required documentation.

  • Contract Writing

    Automate the process of drafting and refining government contract documents. Gain a 360-degree view of each contract while automating processes and increasing transparency and collaboration.