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Secure Your Software Pipeline with End-to-End Open Source Management

Anaconda is the largest distributor of open-source Python packages to enterprises in the world. In every sector both public and private, organizations trust Anaconda to provide enterprise-grade tools for securing their open-source pipelines – enabling them to reduce vulnerability risk at the source, manage dependencies and adhere to data and software governance requirements.

Curated Python & R Package Repository

More than 8,000 Python and R packages comprise the Anaconda repository, all cryptographically verified “tamper-free” and enriched with high fidelity, human-curated CVEs. Anaconda’s curation team reviews flagged packages with CVEs reported by the National Vulnerability Database, curates a CVE status and score, then updates the CVE and notifies users.


Anaconda provides a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) for customers, providing visibility into all software components as well as facilitating awareness of potential risk factors and quicker reaction times should an issue arise. 

Anaconda and Open-Source Software (OSS)

Anaconda originated the use of Python for data science back in 2009. We are very active in the OSS community, including sponsored OSS projects such as Numba, Bokeh, Dask, Intake, fsspec, fastparquet, pandas, JupyterLab, and HoloViz. Anaconda provides free storage, networking, infrastructure, and support to large community channels like conda-forge and bioconda. Through the Anaconda Dividend Program, Anaconda directs a portion of revenue and resources to help advance projects and innovation in data science.​​

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