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Open Source Security Options and Benefits with Anaconda

Open Source Software (OSS) is driving innovation in the public sector worldwide, particularly in data science and new software development. With presidential mandates and a recognized need for improved software visibility spurring open source adoption, IT leaders must determine how free open source and its enterprise alternatives fit into their purchasing strategies. Enterprise open source software providers, like Anaconda, leverage the innovation of community-driven open source projects, while embedding the built-in security, scalability and support required in the enterprise environments of public sector IT organizations.

Python is the top programming language for data science and OSS because its short learning curve and ease of use have made it nearly effortless to adopt and scale. Anaconda enables Python users to innovate while keeping agency data and systems safe with its enterprise admin and monitoring tools. In this Tech Spotlight, you'll discover:

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  • Cyber Risk Statistics
  • How Anaconda Secures Your Data Science OSS Supply Chain
  • Key Benefits of Anaconda Open Source Solutions

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