Anaconda Solutions for the Public Sector

  • Anaconda Professional

    Anaconda Professional enables organizations and agencies of all sizes to securely leverage open-source software with access to our distribution of curated, verified, and privately hosted open-source packages.

    With Anaconda Professional, data science teams can confidently utilize their preferred open-source packages and tools with source authentication, IT administrators can control user access to the platform, and data science managers can monitor which packages their team leverages most.

    Confidently utilize OSS at scale with Anaconda Professional.

  • Anaconda Business

    With Anaconda Business, open-source innovation meets enterprise-grade security. Organizations and agencies can streamline software approvals and align siloed workflows with enterprise security needs, all from the cloud.

    Anaconda Business comes with access to Anaconda's professional repository, where thousands of the most popular Python and R packages are cryptographically verified 'tamper-free' and enriched with high fidelity, human-curated CVE metadata. Combined with cloud-based governance tools, organizations can configure and seamlessly enforce security policies using up-to-date and proprietary security information.

    Anaconda Business is used by enterprises and the public sector to:

    • Directly manage the end user's open-source pipeline
    • Create custom security policies catering to different package, security, and legal needs
    • Distribute secure and approved packages to custom channels
    • Ensure security adherence with tokenized user authentication
    • Access Anaconda's professional repository
  • Anaconda Server

    Anaconda Server enables organizations and agencies to fortify their OSS pipeline and supercharge security and governance efforts.

    With Anaconda Server’s granular package, channel and user management tools combined with Anaconda’s professional curated repository of more than 8,000 Python and R packages, organizations can configure and enforce security policies using up-to-date and proprietary security information. Anaconda Server ensures safe OSS enterprise usage with seamlessly-enforced security policies on desktops, servers, cloud infrastructure, CI/CD processes, and more.

    Anaconda Server is used to:

    • Mirror packages into a sandbox where administrators can host and safelist packages
    • Create differentiated channels based on security and legal policies
    • Continuously receive security and vulnerability updates
    • Review vulnerability exposures in channels based on updated security and vulnerability information
    • Distribute secure and approved packages