Aisera Solutions for the Public Sector

  • AI Service Desk

    Aisera's AI Service Desk solution improves the government employee experience and increases productivity while reducing business and IT service costs. The solution utilizes conversational AI, conversational automation, and AI assist to automatically resolve government employee support requests. It learns from past and ongoing conversations, requests, tickets, and agent feedback to fully automate service issue resolution. It is specifically designed for IT, HR, Facilities, and Operations and can integrate with existing systems such as ITSM platforms, enterprise applications, and knowledge bases. By automating service operations, Aisera helps government customers achieve an auto-resolution rate of 75%, reduce issue resolution time, and lowers service costs by 90% through self-service.

  • AI Customer Service

    Aisera's AI-powered Customer Service solution revolutionizes the government's customer experience and maximizes satisfaction while minimizing service costs. This scalable cloud-based service seamlessly automates requests, cases, tasks, and actions for customer service, support, sales, marketing, and finance. It integrates seamlessly with existing service cloud products to deliver an unparalleled end-to-end experience, resulting in elevated customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores and significant reductions in both support and operational costs. Aisera’s government customers utilizing Aisera's AI Customer Service solution have reported a staggering 75% of customer service requests being resolved through self-service and a 90% reduction in support costs. The solution works with the tools and systems already in-place, offers multilingual conversational intelligence, and learns from every touchpoint to automate repetitive queries.

  • AIOps

    Aisera's AIOps is a domain-agnostic solution that utilizes AI to identify complex behaviors and patterns across applications, services, and infrastructure systems. It determines correlations and causality from logs, traces, alerts and incidents to accurately predict major incidents and performance issues while automating the task of finding the root-cause and executing workflows for auto-remediation. By proactively resolving major incidents, automating root-cause analysis, and preventing outages, Aisera's AIOps predicts outages with up to 95% accuracy, drastically accelerating diagnosis and minimizing resolution times to optimize operational efficiency.

  • AI Contact Center

    Aisera's Voice Bot answers your customers' most frequently asked questions on the first contact, eliminating unnecessary wait time and providing a natural, lifelike customer experience. It can be tailored to any government organization’s specific requirements and is available around the clock to provide customers with immediate assistance. With Aisera’s AI Contact Center, improve and scale your customer interactions while maintaining a high level of satisfaction (CSAT).

  • AI Customer Intelligence

    Engage web visitors with the power of Conversational AI and automation to deliver personalized experiences and generate a high-converting leads funnel and accelerate revenue growth. With Aisera’s AI Customer Intelligence, Sales and Marketing teams can now offer personalized messages to government clients in real-time at every stage of their journey, all via Aisera’s AI-powered virtual assistant, providing frictionless conversations around the clock, qualifying and nurturing leads to build a high-converting pipeline.