Zoom Video Communications Hardware

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Poly’s audio and video innovations make Zoom communications feel natural and work effortlessly. Poly has a wide portfolio of solutions with Zoom integration, from room video to conference phones—for huddles spaces up to large rooms—and from headsets to desk phones. Make every experience a great one with optimized and joint certified solutions for Zoom Meetings, Zoom Rooms, and Zoom Phone.

Poly Headsets For Zoom Meetings

People rely on headsets to help them support their customers, drive decisions, and congratulate teams on their success. Choose Poly for Zoom meetings to give them great sound with comfortable headsets that are incredibly easy to use. It’s true that our headsets once powered calls from the moon. And they can meet every need your team has on Earth—from open offices to call centers to mobile scenarios and more.

            Voyager 8200 UC.png                                             focus.png                                     5200.png

          Voyager 8200 UC                                       Voyager Focus UC                                        Voyager 5200 UC

 Savi8200.png                                     blackwire.png                                     7225.png

          Savi 8200 Office                                                Blackwire 8225                                        Blackwire 7225

             Blackwire 520.png                                           Voyager 4200.png                                     

          Blackwire 520                                               Voyager 4200
                                                                                  Office and UC

Zoom Room Video Solutions

The floor is yours and it’s time to shine. Whether it’s a huddle room, conference room, or training room, you want to jump in fast and make an impact. Do it the easy way with our native solutions for Zoom Rooms that deliver an outstanding room experience. Our new portfolio, including the Poly Studio X Series video bars, offers unparalleled audio and video quality, and simple screen sharing, for rooms of all sizes.


p15.png       p21.png          polystudio.png

                 Poly Studio P15                                   Poly Studio P21                                         Poly Studio


x30.png    x50.png         G7500.png

                 Poly Studio X30                                   Poly Studio X50                                         Poly G7500



Poly Zoom Phones

Whether at your desk or in a conference room, land your point without missing a beat using the legendary audio quality of Poly for Zoom calls. Our phones are easy to use, and underneath their streamlined UI, they pack the most innovative sound technologies to capture voices clearly, block out distractions, and support natural conversations in a wide range of environments and scenarios.


p15.png              p21.png                  polystudio.png

                        VVX 250                                                   VVX 350                                                     VVX 450



             CCX Open SIP Series


           p15.png              p15.png                  p15.png

                         Trio 880                                                    Trio 850                                                     Trio C60


       p15.png                     p15.png                  

                     Poly Sync 20                                            Callisto 5300