Vision-E Solutions for the Public Sector

Vision-e Scan is a simple, secure tool that:

  • Saves people’s time by entering contact information into Salesforce 10x faster than manual entry
  • Lowers the cost and consumption of printed marketing materials like business cards, brochures, and forms
  • Lowers the risk of email and identity compromise while sharing contact information
  • Increases access to and awareness of an organization’s services and messaging
  • Strengthens data security and privacy practices

To deliver those benefits, Scan includes a suite of secure, professional networking features.

  • Optical Character Recognition powered by machine learning to accurately scan business cards in seconds
  • Multi-mode reception to capture contact information from NFC (tap) cards, vCards, QR Codes, or manual entry
  • Digital Business Cards with QR code sharing for maximum discretion and security
  • Customizable QR codes linked to key online resources like homepages, advisories, intake forms, and applications
  • Forms, Surveys, & Questionnaires to improve the quality of contact’s profile
  • Zero data retention to ensure the organization has 100% end-to-end data custody and privacy

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