Verkada Solutions for the Public Sector

  • Verkada Command

    Verkada Command is a cloud–based platform that integrates insights across the entire suite of Verkada products, including video security, access control, video intercom, air quality sensors, alarms, visitor management and mailroom products.

    • Access all your Verkada devices and manage physical security on-the-go from our intuitive Command app.
    • Add an unlimited number of devices, sites and users to Command’s centralized platform without complicating the user experience.
    • Gain real time visibility into all devices across all sites from a single pane of glass.
    • Help ensure platform security with role based access, single sign–on, two–factor authentication and active directory solutions.
    • Automatic updates continuously deliver the latest features and security enhancements.
  • Video Security

    Verkada’s hybrid cloud video security cameras offer the reliability of a solid state storage with the flexibility of cloud archiving, providing teams with the most scalable way to store critical footage.

    • No NVRs, DVRs or on–prem servers to manage. Cameras feature built-in onboard storage with up to 365 days of retention.
    • Even in the event of network outages, cameras record locally; once connectivity is restored, feeds are available for viewing.
    • Rather than streaming footage around the clock, cameras only stream when viewed and operate at 20–50kbps at a steady state.
    • Verkada cameras utilize the latest in AI and edge–based processing to uncover actionable insights in the real-time.
  • Dome Series Cameras

    Durable and versatile, the Dome Series features up to 4K sensor resolution and powerful onboard processing for an enhanced streaming experience.

  • Bullet Series Cameras

    Built to withstand harsh environments, the Bullet Series captures crisp details at a distance and powers a highly performant and accurate license plate recognition (LPR) experience.

  • Mini Series Cameras

    Designed for flexibility without compromise, the Mini Series features low–profile form factors that deliver exceptional image quality.

  • Fisheye Camera

    Best for dynamic viewing, the Fisheye camera captures footage in a 180° panoramic view, a four–way split view, or an immersive 360° view with digital pan–tilt–zoom.

  • Multisensor Camera

    Ideal for expansive coverage and efficient installation, the Multisensor camera packs four independent camera systems into a single device.

  • Access Control

    Verkada Access Control combines easy-to-install hardware with intuitive cloud-managed software to provide you with a solution to secure every site, door and user.

  • 16-Door Controller

    Bringing simplified access control to enterprise scale, the AC62 is a 16 door controller that installs easily and seamlessly integrates with existing systems of readers, AUX relays and fire alarm interface panels.

  • IO Controller

    With 16 AUX inputs and 16 outputs, the AX11 IO Controller integrates more of your building infrastructure into the Verkada ecosystem— including elevators, sensors, switches and peripherals.

  • Intercom

    The TD52 Video Intercom features a powerful 5MP camera with an ultra-wide 130° FoV lens and a 90dB speaker to ensure clear call audio, regardless of background noise or wind.

    • Verkada intercom includes four smart receivers available on mobile, tablet, browser or existing phone numbers. These smart receivers and Verkada’s cloud-based smart call routing capabilities allow organizations to take calls from anywhere.
    • The TD52 Video Intercom is a PoE device that is online and fully operational in minutes, with no need to configure SIP servers, NVRs or DVRs.
    • Verkada intercom includes on-device camera and access control capabilities, and extends natively to the Verkada ecosystem. Integrations with cameras and access control, as well as onboard door controls and video security capabilities, improve entrance security and visibility, right from Verkada Command.
  • Air Quality Sensors

    Ensure safe environments and optimize building performance with Verkada's all-in-one air quality sensors.

    • Get notified instantly when conditions in your environment surpass pre-configured thresholds.
    • Easily monitor air quality, asset performance and environmental conditions by viewing sensor data across intuitive dashboards.
    • Monitor and analyze operating conditions to spot trends and performance issues resulting from HVAC systems issues, occupancy activity and more.
    • Verkada's SV 20 series is capable of reading the following:
      • Temperature
      • Vape Detection
      • Formaldehyde
      • Humidity
      • PM 2.5
      • TVOCs
      • Carbon Dioxide
      • Tamper
      • Ambient Light
      • Noise
      • Motion
      • Pressure
      • Air Quality Index
      • Carbon Monoxide
  • Verkada Guest
    • With tailored flows based on guest type, touchless check–in, instant arrival notifications and remote unlock, guests feel welcome the moment they step through the door.
    • Integrated into the Command platform, Guest works seamlessly with Verkada Cameras and Access Control. See arrival times and check visitor logs to review activity of specific individuals.
    • Simply download the Verkada Guest app and add an tablet and badge printer to the Command platform. Personalize further with custom branding, custom guest flows and location–specific user permissions.
  • Verkada Mailroom

    In just one click, Mailroom scans the shipping label, notifies the recipient and tracks delivery details in a centralized dashboard.

    Send automated notifications and reminders to employees across Slack, SMS and email. Plus, help them locate their packages with photos of printed labels.

    With Verkada’s camera integration, office managers can easily safeguard assets with a live view of all mailroom activity and a historical snapshot of when the package got scanned.