PagerDuty Provides a Platform for Real-Time Operations

When business-impacting issues strike, you have seconds to mobilize a cross-functional response. PagerDuty ensures you're never caught off guard by collecting data signals from anywhere, interpreting these signals, engaging the right people, and accelerating resolution and learning.


  • On-Call Management

    Flexible schedules, escalations, & alerting

    PagerDuty's on-call management capabilities make it simple to distribute on-call responsibilities across your teams. World-class organizations use PagerDuty as DevOps best practice to enforce accountability and quality as they onboard new services at scale. With intuitive, flexible scheduling and escalations, organizations can ensure the exact right people are notified every time.

  • Modern Incident Response

    Automated, best practice incident response

    Protect revenue and improve customer experiences by resolving critical incidents faster and preventing future occurrences. Bring major incident best practice to your organization with end-to-end response automation, seamless integration with ITSM toolchains, and friction-free postmortems.

  • Event Intelligence

    Powerful context & noise reduction at scale

    PagerDuty is the only platform that blends machine and human telemetry, looking at both digital signals and human response behavior to optimize your digital operations.

  • Visibility

    Quantify real-time business & technical impact

    PagerDuty is the only platform that provides both technical and business stakeholders a shared, real-time view of how technical incidents impact digital experiences, enabling them to proactively do the right thing for the business in real time.

  • Analytics

    Improve with modern, prescriptive insights

    PaperDuty Analytics combines machine and human response data to provide operational insights to business and operational leaders, enabling them to drive process maturity and better business outcomes.



Event Intelligence. Response Orchestration. Better Software.

Event Intelligence. Response Orchestration. Better Software.

Solutions Brief

PagerDuty with Microsoft Azure and Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) support the full DevOps lifecycle, from code development to build, testing, and deployment, as well as incident response across all critical processes of the delivery pipeline.

The PagerDuty + ServiceNow certified integration application empowers joint customers to better manage their overall digital operations across the enterprise. With this application, customers can extend real-time incident response capabilities to include ServiceNow Incident Management, Change Manage...