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The Edge of the Network is where the high-speed Local Area Network (LAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN) ends and network connectivity is provided by the wireless networking alternatives. These wireless networks can be grouped into those provided by the various satellite suppliers, or the more bespoke land-based radio options that are increasingly favored within the Defense sector.

iOra is a leading global provider of the portal and file-based compression and replication software for organizations that need to operate in the most demanding environments. Our technology enables an intelligent, competent, and transparent data exchange that is consistent and guaranteed, irrespective of location or network connection. Trusted by Governments, corporates, military, and global organizations, our technology has been selected for its proven capabilities in hostile and remote environments.

REPLICATE: define the scope of what is replicated as well as managing secure, efficient, automated and transparent data updates

COMPRESS: patented differencing engine eliminates unnecessary data transfer reducing network usage for critical documents up to 99.9%

MONITOR: constant monitoring and reporting proof that information is where it should be

iOra products replicate data between installed Microsoft SharePoint® servers, and by creating virtualized servers or web applications for mobile users, enabling guaranteed access to up-to-date operational critical information. Our software has been successfully deployed on tens of thousands of machines by customers delivering, in some cases, data over networks with speeds as low as 2kbps.


The iOra partner community consists of like-minded organizations that team up to deliver a stack of high-performing technologies to solve business problems for global organizations. Our partners are Solution Providers, System Integrators, and Independent Software Vendors working with us and for you to provide first class implementation and ongoing support.



iOra Geo-Replicator® provides guaranteed access to up-to-date business information, irrespective of connectivity and location. This results in reduced costs and improved productivity across the organization. iOra Geo-Replicator® software uniquely provides multiple modes of replication within the same product:

  • Server-to-Server

    The master and replica servers check against their local content repositories on an update schedule that is dictated by the volatility of the data. Scheduled operation ensures that server peak usage can be efficiently managed and avoids potential system overflow that can occur when triggering incremental replication on each and every server update event. Server-to-Virtual Server (S2VS). Geo-Replicator® uses the Microsoft SharePoint®platform API to read and write the structure, content and access rights changes on the master and replica. The update amendments that are passed between the master and replica server benefit from the high levels of compression that can only be achieved by the Epsilon® technology. Hence the network connection that is required to connect master and replica can be anything from 1kbps to 100Mbps. In the same regard the bandwidth used by the replication phase is dramatically reduced.

  • Server-to-Laptop

    iOra’s software ensures offline mobile and field workers dependent on laptop connectivity have exactly the same experience as they would if working at Head Office. Whilst offline web page links in web pages work and full search of offline content is available. When online, documents amended offline can be uploaded. This capability is enabled using iOra’s unique web visualization technology that is continually updated with highly compressed iOra Epsilon® updates to ensure that the content is fresh and up to date.

  • Server-to-Virtual Server

    This solution is specially designed as an alternative for lightweight, read-only portals for remote offices. This solves the problem of replicating portal content to remote office environments where the installation and maintenance of a sophisticated server is impractical. iOra is deployed at the server level with the addition of a proxy server, to deliver a web application to a group of users without the requirement for installing backend infrastructure.

  • File-Based Replication

    The efficient replication of file store replicas, using the world leading iOra Epsilon® compression technology.

Case Studies

Australian Department of Defense: Speed up data transfer

The Australian Department of Defence (DoD) has undertaken field trials to deploy Microsoft SharePoint 2010 into their tactical theatre. The main focus of the project is the modernization and strategic planning of communication and collaboration systems for Defense to increase the effectiveness of sharing information, collaborating, and communicating. Traditionally having relied on Lotus Notes or bespoke solutions, the Australian DoD wanted to modernise its systems, and these trials were specifically focused on deploying Microsoft SharePoint within low and unstable bandwidth environments. The initial results were extremely positive. Learn More...

Delivering data to the tactical edge

At a time of unprecedented budget reductions, now more than ever the development of solutions delivering operational efficiency, whilst maintaining the accuracy of the information, is paramount for Warfighters. Exploiting solutions such as data distribution in joint common operating environments, mission command software, C4ISR systems, and handheld tablet devices are all part of this important conversation aimed at improving tactical communication and coordination. Learn More...

Regs4ships: Replicating information costs time

Regs4ships Ltd specializes in the provision of digital regulations, technical information and IMO material to ships and shore infrastructure. The only database of its kind in the world, Regs4ships’ customers include Shell, BP, P&O, Cunard, Stolt, Stena and many ports, lawyers, insurers, suppliers, colleges and consultants. Learn More...

Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V: Offshore Dive Support Vessels

Stable, reliable, and resilient communications solutions available all year round are a major priority for the offshore energy market. There can be substantial implications of losing connectivity for even short periods of time. The support of divers operating into cold dark waters often with adverse tides and currents requires the highest levels of safety. The efficient use of expensive resources is dependent on well-co-ordinated plans between the shore-based and vessel-based teams. Learn More...

Shell Group: A ship’s safety record delivered

The Shell International Trading and Shipping Company Limited (STASCO) manages the trading and shipping activities for all of Shell’s products, operating a large fleet of tankers as well as chartering vessels. All ships must comply with rigorous safety standards ensuring they support Shell’s commitment to protecting the environment. Learn More...

US Marine Corps: Access to information whenever and wherever

The task of keeping the vast amounts of equipment, including vehicles and weapons, in good working order, falls to the USMC’s huge force of “maintainers”. These men and women work to ensure that all equipment when it is called upon is in a safe, reliable and fully operational state of repair. To perform this enormous and often complex task, the maintainers require access to all up-to-date maintenance manuals and records that accompany every piece of USMC equipment. Learn More...

US Navy: No network? No problem

 iOra’s Geo-Replicator experts provide the bandwidth optimization that makes the updating of the “Distance Support” portal possible across the entire fleet via satellite. This enables the Navy to run an up-to-date portal on all of its ships, substantially reducing demand on the Navy’s satellite network, as well as the cost of transporting technology to ships. Learn More...

Working With CGI For Nato: Exercise Noble Ledger

The NATO Communications and Information Agency – or NCI Agency – acts as NATO’s principal Consultation, Command and Control (C3) deliverer and Communications and Information Systems (CIS) provider. It also provides IT support to NATO Headquarters, the NATO Command Structure and NATO Agencies. Learn More...

Zodiac Maritime Agency: Consistent data delivery to ships at sea

Zodiac is an international ship management company specializing in the management of VLOCs, Capesize, Panamax, Handymax and Handysize Bulk Carriers, Chemical Tankers, LPG Tankers, Container Ships and Pure Car (Truck) Carriers. Zodiac is headquartered in London with a representative office in Shanghai. Zodiac manages one of the largest UK-flagged fleets. Learn More...




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Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC)

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Case Study

Discover how to deliver data to the tactical edge with iOra

Distance Support, Sailor to Engineer program - Connecting sailors to expert technicians on shore

Product Brief

Product Brief
iOra is the leading global provider of the portal and file based compression and replication technology for organizations that need to operate in the most demanding environments. Our technology enables an intelligent, competent and transparent data exchange that is consistent and guaranteed, irrespe...


iOra Software delivers guaranteed access to information across challenging and unreliable networks. Trusted by Governments, Global Defense organizations and Global organizations to provide collaboration without the Cloud.