Cofense Solutions for the Public Sector

The comprehensive Cofense phishing detection and response solutions deliver protection from malware threats, ransomware campaigns and scams that evade Secure Email Gateways (SEGs) every day - providing federal teams the visibility and tools to stop phishing threats in minutes, not hours.


Detect and remediate phishing threats that hit the inbox, within minutes.

  •  Cofense PhishMe 

    Teach employees to identify potential phish with simulations that reflect relevant, real-world phishing threats with the only FedRAMP Moderate authorized phishing simulation solution available to federal agencies.

  •  Cofense LMS

    Encourage employee threat awareness with engaging and customizable phishing awareness training.

  •  Cofense Reporter

    Report potential phishing attacks and notify security teams in real-time with a simple, one-click button.


Reduce security operations burden through automated responses to phishing attacks.

  • Cofense Triage

    Accelerate identification and mitigation of complex phishing threats with integration and automation.

  • Cofense Vision

    Automatically identify and quarantine known threats across your entire organization — with no intervention.


Integrate the crowd-sourced intelligence of millions of users into other systems.

  • Partnerships

    Integrate seamlessly with leading SIEM, TIP, and SOAR solutions to get a complete view of risk in your organization.

  • Cofense Intelligence

    Make informed decisions and defend your organization with a combination of state-of-the-art technology and human intelligence.