Transform the workforce you have into the workforce you need.

The global workforce is facing a significant digital skills gap. The private sector is snatching top talent, draining the market with compensation packages that government organizations cannot compete with. The public sector is also under pressure to adopt digital reforms that improve scalability, operational efficiency and taxpayer value. However, the demand for skilled technical professionals far exceeds supply. Agencies and Departments —  at all levels —  are therefore looking to evolve the skills of their workforce.

Udacity offers a learning platform for organizations to optimize their tech-forward investments. Our Nanodegree programs, created in collaboration with industry practitioners from leading companies, address skills gaps in core and emerging technologies like data science, artificial intelligence, cloud, cybersecurity and more. Our programs consist of a combination of online lessons and hands-on projects so that government employees can immediately apply their knowledge to their roles.

Why Udacity?

Public sector organizations partner with Udacity to advance employee data fluency, reduce reliance on third-party contractors and accelerate innovation of citizen services. One of our government customers, a United States Air Force (USAF) agile development lab, lacked the technical talent to create powerful, mission-ready software. Udacity’s Nanodegree programs allowed airmen to upskill in AI, data analysis, programming and machine learning and enabled USAF teams to accelerate the app delivery process from ideation to delivered product in as little as 88 days.

Our Solution

Curriculum mapping: Tailored learning paths to ensure skills acquired directly support organizational goals Extensive mentor network: 24/7 human support to unblock learners and help them gain essential skills Real-world projects: Challenging projects comparable to those that will be faced in your organization Expert human reviewers: In-depth project feedback to validate skills application Customer-success focus: High-touch management to maximize engagement, graduations and learning outcomes​​

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