Torch.AI Solutions for the Public Sector

Torch.AI deploys software platforms that serve as the central data fabric for our customers. Unlike traditional defense contractors, Torch.AI's software platforms are off-the-shelf ready and serve as the core of advanced solutions helping transform US military capabilities.

  • Nexus: Provides ultra high-performance AI data processing, offering a secure connection to data sources and mission systems without the need for overhauling current IT or replicating information.
  • Prism: Makes unstructured data available and usable through automated data extraction and normalization driven by AI, creating more performant machine learning models, faster deployments, and higher ROI.
  • Halo: Offers groundbreaking real-time AI enabled knowledge graphing creating the first true real-time fully autonomous all-source data fusion system. Halo relies on the world’s first Generative Graph-Oriented Autoregressive Transformer (GOAT™) to move intelligence to the tactical edge with in-memory machine learning and flexible data models.