Unlocking Human Potential: The Data Infrastructure AI Pioneers

Torch.AI invented and patented a way to use artificial intelligence (AI) to process and fuse large scale data instantly, on a computer chip, without human intervention or storage. 

Founded in 2017, and headquartered in Kansas City with offices in Washington, DC, Torch.AI, the Data Infrastructure AI Pioneers™, set out on an adventure to improve decision-making at scale with a new form of in-memory artificial intelligence. Today, we are a leading enterprise AI and data processing software company helping enable better customer experiences, eliminate fraud, reduce risk, improve national security, and protect our warfighters.

Our company mission is to free people from the mundane so they can unlock their ingenuity, creativity, and ultimately, human potential. We do this by partnering with some of the most important organizations in the world, chiefly our U.S. military. Torch.AI’s solutions and people actively support a growing array of national defense capabilities with advanced technology.

Unlike traditional government contractors, our team of experts takes calculated risks to self-fund R&D behind the scenes and then sells complete products "off-the-shelf" to mission owners. We conduct deep research into understanding how AI and new data infrastructures can improve a range of national defense requirements. This allows us to go from ideation to full capability deployment in weeks and months, instead of years. Torch.AI solutions are hardened to meet strict compliance requirements and perform in any IT environment in highly regulated government sectors.


“Our entire room is in complete shock and awe over what you delivered.” 

- DOD Division chief

“I know what I want for Christmas!”

- DOD intelligence officer

“Before, it was like our data came in different languages. Torch.AI has given us the ability to translate those ‘languages’ and provide a shared platform.” 

- DOD AI & Data science chief

“Five weeks deploying a pretty significant software system to a US ship is unheard of.” 

- DOD Lead architect