Unlock Human Potential with the Magic of
Data Infrastructure AI

Our software is becoming the artificial intelligence ecosystem and data infrastructure standard across the US government. Torch.AI meets all federal security requirements and is currently deployed inside the US Department of Defense (DoD).

Our software automates the error-prone and time-consuming process of manually sifting through mounds of documents and data looking for answers. We find the answers immediately. Like Google, our solution gives people a superpower. Workers get back their time to do what’s important for the enterprise: the high-value tasks. With the Torch platform in an enterprise data ecosystem, workers can accomplish more than they ever thought possible.

The Torch platform is our core product designed for enterprise data ingest and orchestration. It analyzes, tags, and enriches data directly from the authoritative source in real time. The platform enables your organization to create value from the entirety of data – including unstructured data – hidden in your data lake.

The Torch platform uses artificial intelligence to create meaning and context across disparate, multi-modal data. Our intelligence extraction technology reads and understands data from a connected data source without precognition. It extracts domain-specific objects, concepts, and relationships from the data. Our knowledge graph technology establishes a clear view of the enterprise data landscape—without removing or duplicating data from the authoritative source. This approach facilitates auditability and validation, a fundamental requirement of industrial-grade artificial intelligence.

Data stored in the enterprise is often replicated for analysis, transformation, and enrichment. Not only does this create unnecessary infrastructure costs, it also detaches actionable data from its authoritative source, undermining speed, reliability, and even compliance. Torch.AI’s patented Combinatorial machine-learning analysis of data in flight (PATENT ID 20210279401) technology eliminates data replication entirely. It enables organizations to semantically understand the wealth of information in their unstructured data and correlate that knowledge with the rest of their structured and semi-structured data ecosystem. Our ability to transform data in flight absolves an enterprise from the fundamental flaws of data replication.

The Torch platform delivers on the promise of artificial intelligence to democratize data. We bring the magic of data infrastructure AI to everyone in an enterprise.

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