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Based in Silicon Valley, Tintri is a wholly owned subsidiary of DataDirect Networks (DDN), the data-at-scale powerhouse and world’s largest privately held storage company. Tintri delivers unique outcomes in Government and Enterprise data centers. Tintri’s AI-enabled Intelligent Infrastructure learns your environment to drive automation. Analytical insights help you simplify and accelerate your operations and empower data-driven business insights. Thousands of Tintri customers have saved millions of management hours using Tintri. Choose differently, the choice is yours. Where will you invest your resources to increase the scale and value of your business?

Learn more about the Tintri portfolio of solutions at tintri.com/products.




Partnering with Tintri Accelerates Your Business

Our goal is to make partnering with us easy and advantageous by helping you make the most of your organization’s skills and specializations. We want to help you identify more opportunities that generate predictable profitability so you can grow and expand your business. Our commitment is to work together for mutual success.

Our Intelligent Infrastructure for smarter enterprise solutions provides customers with simple and automated management, improves insight and performance and provisions with precision – so that they can apply resources towards projects that really count.

Visit us at Tintri Partner Central to Become a partner and learn more about our incentive programs, training and how to use Intelligent Infrastructure as your Competitive Edge.