Capability Domains met by Thales Trusted Cyber Technologies (TCT)

Thales Products for System & Information Integrity

Thales Transparent Encryption and Luna Hardware Security Module products help organizations address the System and Information Integrity capability domain.

Thales Transparent Encryption Information Monitoring

Thales Transparent Encryption monitors an information system at these points, and creates audit data on: Thales Data Security Manager, Web-based GUI, and Host Agents logon.

Thales Transparent Encryption enforces information handling through the use of guard points. A guard point is a protected device or directory that is encrypted, and provides decryption rules within policy. Each rule specifies a condition that will permit or deny access based on a particular combination of: User (either local user/group or Active Directory user/group), Process (the actual binary used; i.e. mssql.exe) Action (read, write, change attribute, delete, list directory, etc.), Result (specific files or directories within the guard point), Time (Time of Day, eg 9am-5pm M-F).

Thales HSMs provide protection from malicious code at appropriate locations within organization information systems.