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Tetrate provides the government with a service mesh solution for enterprise based on Istio and Envoy.

Tetrate is a service mesh company that was created and bootstrapped by founders and maintainers of Istio, Envoy, gRPC and Apache SkyWalking. These projects form the core components of Tetrate Service Bridge, TSB, our enterprise-grade service mesh platform. We work with large enterprises to productize Istio with much richer capabilities and provide them the ability to bridge their workloads across bare metal, VMs, Kubernetes clusters, and cloud at the application layer.

Started in Silicon Valley, Tetrate has grown a fully distributed global team made up of the most talented drivers of the open source community. Tetrate's world-class team is trusted by customers and industry alike as we are the top contributors to Istio, Envoy and SkyWalking projects and therefore shape their future. Tetrate’s founders, Varun Talwar and Jeyappragash (JJ) Jeyakeerthi came together to provide enterprises a safe and responsible way to modernize their applications, with Dell Tech Capital and Intel leading its funding.

Tetrate Use Cases

Manage Workloads
Tetrate Service Bridge provides a multi-cluster control plane extending to VMs, bare metal and multiple Kubernetes clusters and clouds. This enables customers to bring legacy applications into the service mesh easier, and sooner for a faster cloud native/hybrid deployment.

Efficiency with a Multi-Tenant Mesh
Different business units and different teams can manage their application and service configurations safely on shared infrastructure with workflows and multi-tenancy. With Envoy (Sidecars) deployed, developers will no longer have to build security and compliance into their new applications. This also cuts down on infrastructure costs and additional security built into agency/program workflows.

Manage Services
Manage ingress and egress of traffic for all services and seamless disaster recovery between services and application instances across clusters, data centers and clouds, maintaining high availability while modernizing. Achieve cost-optimized load balancing out of the box.

Service Metrics
View runtime topology of all your services across clusters, data centers and clouds along with health of all service-service communication and customizable alerts on service operations and configuration changes. This will give you a single GUI to manage all the security and compliance needs that come with larger multi tenant infrastructure.

Simplify Compliance like PCI, FISMA
Risk-based scoring of services and access paths enables protection of your sensitive data and services and simplifies compliance. Tetrate provides FIPs Compliant builds to help meet the needs of government.

Easy Updates
Get seamless security patches and upgrades for all Envoy, Istio, and Tetrate Service Bridge components as well as platform troubleshooting and support for the entire stack.

Tetrate is pioneering Application-aware Networking, a new category in the cloud-native landscape to enable application connectivity bridging heterogeneous applications and infrastructures.TSB is an Application Connectivity Platform that helps organizations realize App SCOR (Application Connectivity, Security, Observability & Reliability). Find out more at www.tetrate.io.

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