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Automated Cybersecurity Performance Management Designed for Your Agency's Needs

Founded in 2001, TDI has grown into a world-class consulting firm offering cybersecurity services and innovative solutions to government agencies and commercial clients around the world.

TDI’s MCP offering delivers stress free, comprehensive and instantaneous visibility into your entire cyber environment for a holistic interpretation of where you are in relation to your cybersecurity goals. Hassle-free industry-specific reporting in just a few clicks. Automate repetitive tasks and save your team time and effort while also delivering accurate reports to senior leadership and the Board. Our platform scales and ties everything together showing you how well you are performing against known Cyber Performance Indicators and what needs improvement/attention.CnSight®, our Cybersecurity Performance Management platform, is the proud winner of the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards 2 years in a row! TDI is a cybersecurity firm with over 20 years of experience and millions of  hours securing clients globally.

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