Talend is a leader in data integration and data integrity, changing the way the world makes decisions.

Talend Data Fabric is the only platform that brings together all the data integration and governance capabilities, to simplify every aspect of working with data. Talend delivers complete, clean, and uncompromised data in real-time to all. This unified approach to data has made it possible to create the Talend Trust Score™, an industry-first innovation that instantly assesses the reliability of any data set to bring clarity and confidence to every decision.

Over 6,000 customers across the globe have chosen Talend to run their businesses on trusted data. Talend is recognized as a leader in its field by leading analyst firms and industry media.


  • Stitch

    Stitch is the bridge between your data sources and your data warehouse. Stitch accelerates your ETL stack in just a few clicks. With top-flight support and infrastructure, Stitch helps customers stay focused on analysis, not maintaining the data pipeline. Stitch connects your data stack for a seamless experience right out of the box.

  • Data Integration

    Talend Data Integration is intended to build complex integrations. It contains sophisticated data quality tools and is robust enough to manage large-scale development teams. With built-in test case capabilities and integration with Maven standards, it is a centerpiece to CI/CD and DevOps practices in your organization.

  • Pipeline Designer

    Pipeline Designer is an agile and light-weight web-based integration tool that allows for easy connectivity to popular data sources and provides a toolbox of standard ETL functions for building quick data integration pipelines. It is cloud-native, so it can run anywhere – in the cloud, on-prem or in a hybrid environment and on the most popular platforms (like AWS and Azure)

  • Data Quality

    Data Quality provides a single, powerful solution for reporting and monitoring the quality of their data across the enterprise, allowing organizations to easily align the many facets of a data governance program. This alignment improves processes and communication on valuable data assets. With Talend Data Quality, data quality scorecards can be distributed to the data source owners to track improvements over time and drive compliance with enterprise-wide standards.

  • Data Inventory

    Data Inventory unlocks data silos by creating a single point of governance and access across all data sets. Data Inventory automates the calculation of data intelligence score across data pipelines and cuts the times it takes to find and consume the data you need.

  • Data Catalog

    Data Catalog empowers organizations to create a single source of trusted data. Data Catalog empowers customers to understand the full end-to-end integration of their organization with detailed insight into data transformations and their upstream and downstream affects. Catalog users can contribute to data curation and crowd-sourced data quality by those who know the data best.

  • Data Preparation

    Data Prep is a self-service application that allows potentially anyone to access a data set as a self-service and provides capabilities to then cleanse, standardize transform or enrich the data.

    With broad connectivity, customers can connect Data Prep to any dataset or source and preparations always using the latest data.

  • Data Stewardship

    Data Stewardship is about curating and certifying data that’s already there. Data Stewardship allows customers to increase control, trust and the quality of data by allowing potentially anyone to contribute in a data curation process. Data Stewardship enables customers to easily process and quickly resolve any data integrity issue to achieve “trusted” data across the enterprise.

  • API and Application Integration

    API services enables organizations to be more agile in their API development. Talend’s delivery platform provides best in class purpose-built applications for API-first creation, testing, and documentation. API Designer is the easiest way in the market to design, mock and document REST APIs. It has a unique and fully visually approach to those activities, requiring no text-based edition of the specs.


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