• Qlike Webinar Series Part 2

Empowering Data-Driven Decisions with Cloud Analytics, AI, and Talend Integration

Qlik is a leader in data and analytics, providing solutions that enable organizations to work smarter and leverage data as a competitive advantage. Qlik offers a range of cloud-based solutions, including Qlik Cloud Analytics and Qlik Cloud Data Integration, which provide end-to-end data integration and analytics capabilities. Qlik Cloud Analytics, powered by Qlik Sense, is a third-generation analytics platform that supports self-service analytics, interactive dashboards, conversational analytics, custom and embedded analytics, mobile analytics, reporting, and alerting. It utilizes the Associative Engine, which combines in-memory data storage technology with an intuitive navigation system, allowing users to freely explore and analyze data from multiple sources.

Qlik's AI-powered analytics capabilities enhance the platform's functionality, enabling users to generate advanced insights, interact with data, and automate tasks more effectively. Qlik's Insight Advisor serves as an intelligent assistant, providing automated insight generation, natural language interaction, and user assistance throughout the analytics lifecycle. The platform also offers automated machine learning (AutoML) capabilities, enabling users to generate predictive and prescriptive analytics for various use cases. Qlik's AI capabilities extend to data integration as well, with AI-enhanced data integration and quality solutions that automate data delivery and transformation, ensuring a trusted data foundation for AI initiatives.

Qlik and Talend

In addition to its own AI capabilities, Qlik has acquired Talend, a leading data integration and quality provider, to deliver comprehensive integration solutions. Qlik and Talend offer universal source and target connectivity, enabling organizations to integrate data from various sources and platforms. These solutions support a wide range of data sources and destinations, including relational databases, SAP, mainframes, SaaS applications, and cloud platforms. With Qlik and Talend, organizations can eliminate data fragmentation, ensure data quality, and deliver business-ready data to support AI and analytics initiatives.

Qlik is committed to providing secure and compliant solutions to its customers. In line with this commitment, Qlik Cloud Government, which is an implementation of Qlik Cloud specifically designed for the U.S. public sector, has achieved FedRAMP (Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program) Moderate Impact Level (IL) and Department of Defense (DoD) IL 2 certifications. Additionally, Qlik Cloud Government has also obtained StateRAMP (State Risk and Authorization Management Program) Moderate Authorized status, simplifying security authorizations for U.S. state, local, and higher education organizations. These certifications and authorizations demonstrate Qlik's adherence to rigorous security standards and its ability to meet the security requirements of government entities.

Overall, Qlik's cloud analytics platform, powered by AI and integrated with Talend's data integration capabilities, empowers organizations to make data-driven decisions, gain deeper insights, and drive business success.

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