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MLOps and Data Intelligence Platform for the Public Sector

Striveworks is a pioneer in operational data science for national security and other highly regulated spaces. Striveworks’ flagship MLOps platform is Chariot, purpose-built to enable engineers and business professionals to transform their data into actionable insights. The firm was founded in 2018 and began delivering Tactical Data Exploitation Teams (TDETs or “Data Teams”) to the Special Operations Forces (SOF) in 2019. By 2020, the National Security Commission for AI highlighted Striveworks as an exemplar in its Final Report.

Striveworks has an extensive record of positive performance in delivering software, data science products, and services in Department of Defense (DoD) operational environments. The firm's hybrid business model offers custom MLOps capabilities and co-located data science services. Striveworks' TDETs, composed of top-tier data scientists and software engineers, embed with operational end users. The mix of skills and perspectives provide the TDETs a unique, powerful, and unfiltered lens that informs their real-time development, iteration, and rapid deployment of AI/ML applications. Co-developed with end users, these applications uniquely answer real operational in practical timelines.

Leveraging the talent of the Striveworks team and the Chariot platform, Striveworks helps agencies quickly and cost-effectively create, train, and retrain accurate models and other capabilities to derive insights from structured, unstructured, natural language, geospatial, time series, and sensor data. All capabilities are cloud-agnostic, meaning they can be deployed at the enterprise level or at the tactical edge to suit an agency's individual needs.

Corporate Data

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