Stratodesk Solutions for the Public Sector

  • ​Stratodesk NoTouch

    Stratodesk NoTouch (NoTouch OS and NoTouch Center) is the most innovative and robust endpoint platform. The Linux-based NoTouch OS is a security-fortified endpoint operating system powering PCs, thin clients, laptops, and even the Raspberry Pi, delivering access to any cloud workspace or DaaS/VDI solution.

  • ​NoTouch OS

    Stratodesk’s Linux-based NoTouch OS is a security fortified endpoint operating system that powers PCs, thin clients, laptops, even the Raspberry Pi, and delivers access to any cloud workspace or any DaaS/VDI solution.

  • ​NoTouch Center

    NoTouch Center is the endpoint control center to deploy, manage, and secure all NoTouch-powered x86, x64 and Raspberry Pi devices. Effortlessly manage all NoTouch OS-enabled devices with NoTouch Center, designed to support your workforce wherever they are.

  • ​NoTouch Cloud

    Stratodesk NoTouch Cloud is Stratodesk’s Software as a Service (SaaS) offering for endpoint management. Effectively Stratodesk NoTouch Center in the cloud, Stratodesk NoTouch Cloud is hosted by Stratodesk in a local AWS datacenter of your choice.