Stony Point Flexibility

Another reason Stony Point is a world-wide leader in Salesforce Training is our flexibility in both delivery and contracting. 

When it comes to delivering classes, our flexibility is second to none. We are able to customize our classes and combine multiple classes together to cover just the specific topics our customers need. We can change the delivery schedule of our classes and the duration of our classes to accommodate the schedules of the participants. A common request we are able to fulfill is to deliver the training after hours or for half days over an extended period. 

On the contracting side, we have won numerous contracts partially due to our ability to work within almost any payment structure. From unusual payment methods to extended payment timelines, we can make it work. Here are some examples of the ways our flexibility has allowed us to win contracts our competitors could not: 

  • Accepting very long payment terms
  • Waiving our typical cancellation clauses to accommodate a specific training contract that forbade cancellation clauses
  • Contracting classes at the end of one fiscal year to be delivered months down the road in the next fiscal year and beyond
  • Signing long term delivery contracts to accommodate unique purchasing requirements 

If you need a flexible Salesforce training partner who can deliver classes and contract on your terms, please contact us.