SOC Prime Use Cases

Detection of Current & Emerging Threats

Government and public sector organizations face a tough challenge in staying ahead of the constantly evolving threat landscape. With new vulnerabilities and malware samples emerging regularly, it becomes difficult to ensure the security of the critical infrastructure. SOC Prime’s Threat Detection Marketplace acts as the world’s largest detection content library updated every minute and accessible at sub-second performance. Over 600 experienced detection engineers and threat hunters contribute to Threat Detection Marketplace daily to provide security professionals with the fastest feed of security news, tailored threat intelligence, and the largest repository of curated 10,000+ Sigma rules. All the detection algorithms are continuously enhanced with relevant CTI, appropriate log sources, MITRE ATT&CK® tagging, CVEs, and more context along with operational metadata, like rule severity or rule status.

SOC Prime’s unique community-driven approach ensures a 24-hour SLA on the latest threats granting that no attack goes undetected on your watch. To meet the distinct cybersecurity demands of each organization, SOC Prime provides access to the most relevant detections matching the organization-specific log sources, CVEs, and exploits powered by peer-driven feedback via custom tags and recommendation algorithms for streamlined content filtering and sorting. Moreover, to accelerate threat hunting velocity, security teams can stream customized content directly into their cloud-native security solution at scale enabling them to stay on top of any latest TTPs used by attackers.

Accelerated Threat Hunting

Navigating the complex threat landscape poses a formidable challenge of talent shortage and limited resources for most threat hunting teams. Government and public sector organizations face additional burdens as they strive to switch between threat hunting priorities on a daily basis to timely enhance visibility into potential attacks on critical infrastructure. SOC Prime's Platform for collective cyber defense addresses this issue with a unique three-pronged approach that streamlines threat hunting operations.

SOC Prime's Threat Detection Marketplace provides security professionals with the largest collection of detection content against existing and emerging threats. With over 10,000 behavior-based Sigma rules, it addresses the evolving techniques, tactics, and procedures (TTPs) used by attackers.

With Attack Detective, security professionals can verify thousands of hypotheses in a matter of hours, matching the speed of SEIM or EDR searches. This empowers the next generation of threat hunters to achieve in hours or minutes what previously took weeks.

SOC Prime's Uncoder AI tool is an augmented intelligence framework for advanced detection engineering. It harnesses the collective cybersecurity expertise, backed by Sigma and MITRE ATT&CK®, acting as code assistants. Uncoder AI enables threat hunters and detection engineers to research, code, translate, and validate detection algorithms seamlessly. It also automates the conversion of indicators of compromise into hunting queries, all from a single user-friendly interface.

With SOC Prime's Platform for collective cyber defense, security professionals can effectively tackle the challenges of the ever-changing threat landscape. It provides comprehensive detection content, accelerates hypothesis verification, and empowers advanced detection engineering. Streamline your threat hunting operations and stay ahead of emerging threats with SOC Prime.

Simplified SIEM Migration

Migrating your SIEM to the cloud can appear a daunting challenge, especially when you've invested years in building custom use cases and detection content for your legacy SIEM solution. It requires careful planning to make sure there are no gaps in coverage during the migration process that might leave data exposed and negatively affect your cybersecurity posture. SIEM migration is quite a resource-intensive process that demands months of SOC team effort, often involving extensive manual labor and log source optimization challenges.

SIEM migration presents an even greater challenge for public sector organizations that must tackle data transition hurdles, particularly with the high volumes of sensitive information stored in government databases. Furthermore, the technical complexity of the organization-wide infrastructure, with its interconnected systems and adherence to data protection regulations, adds another layer of challenge. Expertise in managing these complexities is crucial for a risk-free SIEM transition.

Leveraging Uncoder AI, an augmented intelligence framework for advanced detection engineering, and backed by the guidance and support of SOC Prime’s Professional Services Team, organizations can smoothly transition terabytes of data to their target SIEM. This streamlined approach maximizes resource effectiveness while mitigating risks associated with the migration process. With Uncoder AI, teams can unleash the power of augmented intelligence and automation for 85% faster cross-SIEM content translation and fine-tuning as compared to the market average. Rely on Uncoder AI to save R&D development time and migration costs by re-using over 10,000 verified Sigma rules and automatically translating them to 28 SIEM, EDR, and XDR language formats.

Blind Spot Monitoring

With the ever-increasing complexity of emerging threats and continuous expansion of the cyber threat landscape, organizations struggle to keep pace with the escalating attack volumes to risk-optimize their cybersecurity posture and proactively defend their infrastructure.

SOC Prime’s Attack Detective connects real-time attack surface visibility and existing security data with prioritized detection content, MITRE ATT&CK®, and CTI to enable smart data orchestration and next-gen automated threat hunting. Leveraging Attack Detective, organizations can gain complete data visibility by ensuring an in-depth view of their overall detection coverage and identifying cyber defense gaps with the primary areas to focus on. Auditing all your data across the entire infrastructure backed by Attack Detective can be done at a speed that reduces the overall manual work by 100x from weeks or months to just a few hours. Gaining a holistic view of your environment and refining detection content prioritization to timely address identified blind spots leaves no chance for any threats, exploits, or TTPs relevant to your industry to go undetected on your watch before adversaries hit.