SOC Prime Solutions for the Public Sector

Threat Detection Marketplace

Threat Detection Marketplace empowers security teams with access to the world’s fastest feed of security news, tailored threat intelligence, and the largest repository of curated 10,000+ Sigma rules continuously enriched with new detection ideas. Get started now to reach and download the latest behavioral detection algorithms and explore relevant context on any cyber attack or threat, including zero-days, CTI and ATT&CK references, and Red Team tooling.

Uncoder AI

Uncoder AI unlocks the power of augmented intelligence and collective industry expertise to equip any security team member with an ultimate tool for advanced detection engineering. Automate the translation of detection algorithms to multiple SIEM, EDR, XDR formats, simplify ad-hoc tasks with Sigma and ATT&CK autocompletion, and explore relevant cyber threat context from ChatGPT and the global cyber defender community to shave seconds off your SOC operations. With Uncoder AI, rely on CI/CD API to maintain your own repositories and bring your custom Sigma engine to smooth out a detection engineering and hunting workflow.

Attack Detective

Attack Detective allows security professionals to validate the detection stack in less than 300 seconds backed by an automatic read-only ATT&CK data audit. Identify blind spots and timely address them to ensure complete threat visibility based on the organization-specific logs without moving data to the cloud, which contributes to significant cost savings and ensures compliance with zero-trust basic tenets. By leveraging Attack Detective, security engineers can focus directly on incident investigation rather than analyzing overwhelming volumes of alerts and streamline threat research by validating over 10,000 adversary behaviors against the stored log sources in a matter of hours.