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Active Directory Security: Top Risks & Best Practices Blog

September 18, 2023

More than 20 years after its introduction, Microsoft Active Directory security remains integral to keeping businesses available and focused on their bottom line. In this post, learn what Active Directory security requires and which best practices can help you keep ahead of attackers.

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Missouri School District Fixes Active Directory Security Gaps

October 06, 2022

As a K–12 environment, our Active Directory [AD] deployment is a bit unique compared to how a standard business network would look,” says John Hallenberger, systems administrator and project leader for the Fox C-6 school district. “Users are added and removed pretty much daily. Things like complex password enforcement and multi-factor authentication [MFA] are challenging as well, especially with younger students; there are different expectations on what security looks like for them.

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Protecting Public Safety with Purple Knight

September 06, 2022

As a public safety entity, we seem to be a target for criminal activity,” said Micah Clark, Information Technology Director at Central Utah 911 and a user of Purple Knight, a free Active Directory security assessment tool from Semperis. “Making sure that our Active Directory is hardwired, that we don’t have any holes through which people could get in, is my largest focus in terms of security.

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