Rosoka Software Solutions for the Public Sector

  • Rosoka Series 6 Bundle

    Rosoka multilingual entity extraction and analysis bundle includes 1 manager and 1 worker node for processing up to 1GB of unstructured data per hr. One Rosoka Studio included.

  • Rosoka Studio

    Rosoka Studio allows for modifying entity types, relationships, definitions, lexicons and rules for customized data management. Also provides regression testing to control quality.

  • Rosoka Worker Nodes

    Rosoka's worker nodes are the engines that enable data extraction and allow for scalability. Each worker node will process 0.5-1GB of unstructured data per hour.

  • Rosoka Manager

    Rosoka Manager resides within a cluster of Worker and Studio nodes to provide automated load balancing and centralized licensing.

  • Rosoka SDK Instances

    Rosoka SDK offers multiple API's for integration of multilingual entity and relationship extraction and analysis. SDK instances each process 0.5-1GB of unstructured data per hr.

  • Rosoka Text Analytics Plugin for IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook

    Rosoka Text Analytics plugin for i2 Analyst's Notebook allows laptop users the seamless ability to extract entities and relationships from text or unstructured data.

  • Rosoka GeoGravy

    Enhanced geospatial tagging used with one of five gazetteers to return latitude and longitude coordinates or provides most likely location from extracted unstructured data.