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Rescale and Carahsoft have partnered together to provide a series of self-guided tours of Rescale's products and features. Similar to a live demo, the self-guided tours explores how Rescale's products and features applies to a specific technology vertical such as Artificial Intelligence.


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Rescale Artificial Intelligence Self-Guided Tour

Rescale Artificial Intelligence Self-Guided Tour

Rescale is high performance computing built for the cloud to empower engineers while giving IT security and control. From supersonic jets to personalized medicine, industry leaders are bringing new product innovations to market with unprecedented speed and efficiency with Rescale, a cloud platform delivering intelligent full-stack automation and performance optimization. IT leaders use Rescale to deliver HPC-as-a-Service with a secure control plane to deliver any application, on any architecture, at any scale on their cloud of choice. The Rescale ScaleX Government platform powers technological breakthroughs by eliminating the complexity of big compute with full-stack automation and support to harness the advantages of hybrid, and multi-cloud HPC. Rescale offers Government end-users and leaders enhanced computational and management capabilities with compliance to many of the industry's highest standards including FedRAMP, ITAR, NIST and others.

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HPC as a Service

Rescale offers an HPC (High-Performance Computing) solution as a service, which allows users to access and utilize high-performance computing resources without needing to invest in on-premises infrastructure. This service provides on-demand access to powerful computing resources, including CPUs, GPUs and other specialized hardware, through the cloud. Rescale's HPC as a service solution enables users to run complex simulations, execute data-intensive tasks and perform high-performance computing workloads using a pay-as-you-go model. It allows flexibility in scaling resources based on the specific computational needs of various projects, without the burden of maintaining physical hardware. Users can access a wide range of software applications and tools tailored for HPC through Rescale's platform, making it easier to leverage high-performance computing capabilities without extensive setup or management overhead.


  • Execute compute-intensive tasks at a cloud-scale level effortlessly, benefitting from end-to-end automation, guaranteed job completion and no need for coding. Begin promptly by accessing numerous pre-installed engineering and scientific R&D applications and versions. Just upload your input files, select your desired hardware and our system handles the rest through automation. Advanced users can leverage custom scripts and pre-designed automations tailored for tasks like design of experiments and high throughput workloads.
  • Enable engineers and scientists to harness the full potential of the cloud, expediting complete workflows from start to finish. Conduct pre-processing, solving and post-processing tasks with the same efficiency as on a robust physical desktop. Automate Desktop as a Service (DaaS) and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) resources using templates to efficiently and securely execute workloads remotely. Launch within minutes to remotely access applications and files, enabling collaborative work on large-scale, multi-node simulations and real-time visualizations.
  • Link diverse data sources to offer consistent access for internal teams and partners across the value chain. Engineers and scientists can effortlessly synchronize and organize project files, encompassing simulation input/output files and open-source datasets for model training.
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Enterprise Management

Rescale offers an enterprise management solution designed to streamline and optimize the utilization of high-performance computing (HPC) resources across an organization. This solution aims to enhance the efficiency of HPC workflows, particularly for larger teams or enterprises with extensive computational needs. Rescale's enterprise management solution typically includes features such as centralized administration and control over HPC resources, allowing for efficient resource allocation, monitoring and management. It often encompasses tools for cost control, user access management and security protocols to ensure compliance with organizational standards. Additionally, these solutions might offer collaborative functionalities, enabling teams to work seamlessly across projects, share resources and collaborate on complex simulations or data analysis tasks.


  • Effectively oversee organization-wide projects and teams while enhancing productivity through Rescale Workspaces, employing precise hierarchical controls. Simplify the regulation of access to data, hardware and software using policy-based templates and filters tailored for each team. Allocate administrative and user permissions strategically to improve efficiency and mitigate risks, ensuring your engineering teams possess the necessary tools for success.
  • Enhance R&D agility and efficiency through Rescale's Performance Intelligence and Controls. Access comprehensive analytics on workload performance, leveraging AI-driven suggestions for optimal configurations that enhance solving speed or lower costs. Swiftly integrate the latest computing hardware for your applications without the necessity of benchmarking and configuration. Enable ongoing automation for enterprise-wide workload optimization, ensuring alignment with project schedules and budgets while accelerating R&D advancements.
  • Employ your proprietary and customized applications to create a cohesive R&D environment while guaranteeing security. Enhance specialized software and workflows by leveraging genuine multi-cloud adaptability on cutting-edge architectures, all achieved without requiring modifications to the existing code.
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Digital Engineering

Rescale's digital engineering platform serves as a gateway to high-performance computing (HPC) resources and a suite of engineering tools for diverse simulations and analyses. Tailored for digital engineering workflows, it offers adaptable computing power and cloud-based accessibility. Engineers can leverage this solution to execute simulations, perform intricate analyses and run computations using an array of engineering software applications. Its on-demand access to tools and computing resources allows for seamless scalability, free from the limitations of on-premises setups. Furthermore, this platform may incorporate collaboration functionalities, facilitating team collaboration, result sharing and effective simulation management. Its objective is to equip engineering teams with the computational muscle needed for advanced simulations and analyses, simplifying the complexities tied to managing high-performance computing resources.


  • Effortlessly and securely distribute data across the entire organization for collaborative purposes. Easily search for and retrieve job result files to utilize as inputs for new tasks or download them for processing purposes. Save time and standardize practices by cloning existing jobs or utilizing predefined templates, thereby streamlining user onboarding and minimizing errors. Job sharing consolidates separate analysis areas within the organization, enabling users to access simulation histories and leave comments for their collaborators.
  • Consolidate data and workloads in the cloud to enhance productivity, collaboration and efficiency by categorizing data based on job or file attributes. Simplify data sharing among workspace users and within multi-job workflows by effortlessly tagging, filtering, and searching files. Ensure organization-wide management of storage expenses and job integrity through policy-driven file, job and directory retention and deletion. Establish secure and controlled access to connected data sources, applying these measures at the organization, project and user levels.
  • Speed up intricate, multi-step workflows and computational sequences using event-triggered automations. Rescale's Job Lifecycle Automation empowers R&D users to orchestrate workflows programmatically, offering precise controls to enhance jobs for parallel execution and license optimization. Bi-directional file system integration automates the transfer of input and output files, while Workflow Builder links a series of jobs seamlessly.

Benefits Snapshot:


  • Browser-based interface allows for distributed teams to collaborate seamlessly and securely
  • Users can access the latest HPC CPU and GPU options from Amazon Web Services, Azure, Google Cloud and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • ScaleX Government securely integrates proprietary software and tools for visualization and schedulers for hybrid cloud cluster bursting

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