Rescale Solutions for the Public Sector

ScaleX Government

ScaleX Government's intelligence and control allows technology leaders to optimize each workload on the best architecture and provision the resources end-users need to innovate effectively. With a single platform for end-to-end HPC management and workflow automation, organizations can now control computing costs, monitor projects, and manage risk on a single pane of glass.

Rescale ensures best-in-class security and compliance with the highest standards in Cloud HPC to protect all data, intellectual property, and operations. The ScaleX Government platform is continuously updated to comply with industry leading regulations and best-practices including ITAR, SOC2, AICPA, HIPAA, GDPR, Cloud Security Alliance, end-to-end encryption, and FedRAMP Moderate ATO “in-progress”.

  • Securely Manage Innovation in the Cloud
    • Access cloud HPC infrastructure without compliance restrictions
    • 800+ HPC applications, ported and tuned for cloud infrastructure
    • Launch jobs without schedulers and queuing
    • Instantly access a wide variety of the latest compute architectures without bureaucracy
    • Go as big as necessary with virtually unlimited scaling on-demand
  • Compliance Management and Integration
    • FedRAMP Moderate In-Process
    • ITAR compliant
    • HIPAA Compliant
    • 256-bit AES encryption at rest high-grade TLS in transfer
    • SOC2 Type 2 Certified
    • Cloud Security Alliance Registered
  • Breadth and Scalability
    • 800+ HPC applications, ported and tuned for cloud infrastructure
    • Support government data transfer restrictions across multi-cloud infrastructure
    • Vast hardware and interconnect alternatives, optimized for the problem type or application
    • Access the latest CPU and GPU technology without bureaucracy
    • Hybrid-capable: integrate with on premises networks and license servers
  • Cost Management and Reporting
    • View billing summaries and real-time spending dashboards
    • Set organization, project, and individual level budgets
    • Enforce budget behaviors to suit your spending requirements
    • Transfer credits from other CSPs and enterprise licensing agreements
    • Create and manage deposits and purchase orders
  • Project and Team Management
    • Create and manage individuals, groups, projects and resources
    • Enforce job, data clearances, and hardware/software restrictions
    • Control access to on-demand and bring-your-own licensed software
    • Set policies by projects and/or roles