Quantum Solutions for the Public Sector

QGI provides end-to-end solutions for a wide range of Federal and public sector government agency needs across core, edge, and cloud:

  • Video Surveillance and Physical Security

    Data captured by video surveillance cameras puts tremendous demands on infrastructures, driving the need for scalability, resilience, and high performance, particularly for mission-critical Federal video surveillance meant to keep citizens safe. QGI’s unified, compute and storage infrastructure solutions for video surveillance meet most security requirements of Federal video surveillance.

  • Government Video & Imagery

    For ingest and analysis of large video data including geospatial and ISR data or creating video for communication and training purposes, our shared file system, all-flash file and object storage solution, and asset management software provide high-performance ingest, cataloging, and shared access designed for collaborative Federal video workflows.

  • Long-Term Archiving and Preservation

    With the ability to access and analyze the massive quantity of data they generate; government entities can gain insights to make timely and relevant decisions. QGI helps agencies preserve and archive mission-critical data for analysis, compliance, and disaster recovery. Move data to an archive tier that is low cost, sustainable, reliable, and ultra durable and, at the same time, provides analysts with the quick access they need.

  • Backup and Recovery

    US Federal Agencies require comprehensive data protection against data loss, localized disasters, and cyberthreats. QGI provides reliable, scalable solutions for backup and recovery that speed time to recovery, reduce operational costs, and provide physically air-gapped storage for cyber protection.