Improve your citizens' experience by deduplicating, formatting, and validating your data.

Plauti solutions ensure your records are deduplicated, formatted, and validated in Salesforce, truly enabling a single customer view. Good quality data leads to better Salesforce adoption, cost savings, better compliance, and user experience for both citizens and staff.

All Plauti solutions are Salesforce native, ensuring data security, easy implementation, and fast adoption by your team.

Our solutions:

  • Duplicate Check
    Find, merge and prevent duplicate records in Salesforce. Duplicate Check offers everything from manual deduplication to fine-grained automation.
  • Record Validation
    Format and validate the address, phone number, and email fields. Both manual, in batch, and automatic upon entry. Reduce bounced emails, failed deliveries, and data entry time.
  • Plauti Data Management
    Plauti Data Management (PDM) enables Salesforce to act as a single and complete source of citizen truth by deduplicating, consolidating, and validating siloed citizen data. A fragmented customer view is fixed with the curative functionality, and a single and complete source of truth is maintained by automated point-of-entry functionality and end-user capabilities. PDM can integrate with any data source or workflow due to Apex plugins, APIs, Flow Actions, Lightning Components customized for the client.

Plauti has been a Salesforce ISV partner for more than ten years and has extensive experience working with (semi)governments, including some COVID-19 related projects. All Plauti solutions are large data volume proof, flexible and extensible, and native Salesforce.

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