Pavilion Solutions for the Public Sector

  • The Pavilion Hyperparallel Flash Array

    The Pavilion HyperParallel™ Flash Array is shattering expectations with industry leading performance, ultra-low latency, density, scalability and flexibility, which enables customers to fundamentally redefine expectations for what they can do with their data, while reducing cost and complexity.

    • Unlimited scalability across arrays
    • Native S3, iSCSI, and NFS (NFS v3, NFS v4, pNFS, RDMA) support
    • Up to 2.2PB per 4RU array, or 22PB per 10 array rack
    • Up to 1.2TB/s of read performance from a single rack
    • Concurrent, high performance support for Block, File, and Object workloads
    • Up to 20 Storage Controllers and Parallel Architecture Boost Performance
    • 40 Ethernet or InfiniBand Ports for Flexible Connectivity
    • Up 120/90 GBs R/W Throughput, 25 µs Latency, and 20M 4K Random Read IOPS
    • Active/Active Data Access
    • No Single Point of Failure
    • End-to-End NVMe with simultaneous NVMe/Ethernet, NVMe/InfiniBand, and NVMe/TCP protocols
    • Up to 72 U.2 2.5” NVMe NAND and SCM SSDs
    • NVMe-oF/RDMA (Ethernet and InfiniBand)
    • NVMe-oF/TCP
    • 100% Standards Based
  • Pavilion HyperOS 3.0

    Pavilion HyperOS™ 3.0 powers the Pavilion HyperParallel Flash Array™ and together, the Pavilion HyperParallel Data Platform™ delivers organizations with the highest performance, ultra-low latency, density, scalability, and flexibility in the industry. With support for block, file, and object protocols, Pavilion HyperOS shatters performance expectations to enable your applications to do more for your organization than ever before.

    Built to unlock the power and performance of NVMe and NVMe-oF, Pavilion HyperOS enables the Pavilion HyperParallel Flash Array to deliver consistent, predictable, high performance, ultra-low latency, and linear scalability. Designed for the most demanding environments, Pavilion HyperOS combines enterprise class management, security, and data protection features with a highly intuitive GUI to ensure maximum availability and ease of use. An API driven approach ensures that the Pavilion HyperParallel Flash Array easily integrates with your ecosystem for simple management.