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Innovative Data Storage Solutions for Government

Envision your applications driving previously unimaginable results for analytics, HPC, and other data intensive workloads by using the Pavilion HyperParallel Flash Array™ to deliver unprecedented high performance, ultra-low latency, density, scalability and flexibility, enabling you to achieve things you never before thought possible.

Industry Leading High Performance, Ultra-Low Latency, and Density

The Pavilion HyperParallel Flash Array enables your applications to take advantage of up to 120GB/s of read and 90GB/s of write performance in a single 4RU array. In addition to massive performance, the HyperParallel Flash Array delivers incredible low latency of as little as 25µs. That latency measurement includes not just the array, but storage fabric as well, to deliver the same or better performance than DAS with all the benefits of shared storage.

Dramatically reducing the cost and complexity of your data center, the Pavilion HyperParallel Flash Array packs all that performance into an incredibly dense 4RU array with up to 2.2PB of capacity. Scale up to a full rack of 10 arrays and get 22PB of capacity and up to 1.2TB/s of performance per rack.

For file workloads, every HyperParallel Flash Array can deliver up to 90GB/s of read performance for NFS. Take advantage of fast high performance object workloads with 80GB/s of read performance in a single array. When scaled across an unlimited number of arrays, both NFS and S2 workloads deliver consistent predictable performance of 60GB/s read and 40GB/s of write performance, from each array.

Unlimited, Linear Scalability

The Pavilion HyperParallel Flash Array makes it easy to scale performance or capacity, independently and linearly. Start with as few as 18 drives and grow your storage up to 72 drives for over 2.2 PB in a single array. Begin with only two cards, each of which have two independent controllers, and grow up to twenty controllers in a single array.

Then scale without limits across multiple arrays. Grow from 2.2PB in one array to a rack of ten arrays providing up to 22 PB of capacity. Then scale across multiple racks to support any size data set.

Unified Block, File, and Object

Simplify your management while saving time, money, and rackspace by simultaneously running all your applications on the Pavilion HyperParallel Flash Array providing unprecedented organizational choice and control. Capable of supporting block, file, and object stores simultaneously and with consistent, predictable high performance, the Pavilion HFA lets you power your applications from a single solution.

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