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Shattering Expectations
Imagine your applications driving previously unimaginable results; by using the Pavilion Hyperparallel Flash Array (HFA) to deliver unprecedented high performance, ultra-low latency, capacity, and density, which enables you to achieve things you never before thought possible.

Your applications are parallel, your storage should be too. Legacy AFA designs limit arrays to a maximum of two controllers, dramatically reducing performance. The Pavilion HFA can support from two to twenty independent controllers in each 4RU array. Every controller can access storage to take advantage of the parallelism of flash to deliver unprecedented performance to your applications.

High Performance and Ultra-Low Latency
By working in parallel, the Pavilion HFA shatters performance expectations with up to 120GB/s of read performance in a single 4RU array. In addition to massive performance, the HFA supports NVMe-oF, which delivers incredible low latency of as little as 25 µs. That latency measurement includes not just the array, but storage fabric as well, to deliver the same or better performance than DAS with all the benefits of shared storage.

Unified Block, File, and Object
Simply your management while saving time, money, and rackspace by simultaneously running all your applications on the Pavilion HFA . Capable of supporting block, file, and object stores at the same time with consistent, predictable high performance, the Pavilion HFA lets you power your applications from a single solution.

Linear Scalability
As a hyperparallel flash array, the Pavilion HFA makes it easy for you to scale either performance or capacity, independently and linearly. Start with as few as 18 drives and grow your storage up to 72 drives for over 1.1 PB in a single array. Begin with only two cards, each of which have two independent controllers, and grow up to twenty controllers in a single array.


  • The Pavilion Hyperparallel Flash Array

    Leading the third wave of storage, the Pavilion HFA is capable of supporting many controllers within a single system to break free from the legacy, dual-controller architecture of first generation all-flash arrays (AFAs) and take advantage of the parallelism of solid state memory. The multi-controller architecture of an HFA enables the array to support multiple connections, delivering unprecedented performance. The HFA supports multiple protocols simultaneously, to provide concurrent, high performance block, file, and object data access.

    • Up to 20 Storage Controllers and Parallel Architecture Boost Performance
    • 40 Ethernet or InfiniBand Ports for Flexible Connectivity
    • 120/90 GBs R/W Throughput, 25 µs Latency, and 20M 4K Random Read IOPS
    • 4RU Chassis
    • Active/Active Data Access
    • No Single Point of Failure
    • End-to-End NVMe with simultaneous NVMe/Ethernet, NVMe/InfiniBand, and NVMe/TCP protocols
    • Native S3, iSCSI, and NFS support
    • Up to 72 U.2 2.5” NVMe NAND and SCM SSDs
    • NVMe-oF/RDMA (Ethernet and InfiniBand)
    • NVMe-oF/TCP
    • 100% Standards Based
  • PavilionOS

    Modern applications deserve a modern storage OS. PavilionOSTM delivers rich enterprise data services for all of your applications, simultaneously. Designed from the ground up for NVMe and NVMe-oF, PavilionOS powers the Pavilion Hyperparallel Flash Array (HFA) to deliver unmatched storage performance without the cost and complexity of legacy solutions. With support for block, file, and object protocols, PavilionOS shatters performance expectations to enable your applications to do more for your organization than ever before.

    Built to unlock the power and performance of NVMe and NVMe-oF, PavilionOS enables the HFA to deliver consistent, predictable, high performance, ultra low latency, and linear scalability. Designed for the most demanding environments, PavilionOS combines enterprise class management, security, and data protection features with a highly intuitive GUI to ensure maximum availability and ease of use. An API driven approach ensures that the HFA easily integrates with your ecosystem.


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PavilionOS combines enterprise class management, security, and data protection features with a highly intuitive GUI to ensure maximum availability and ease of use.

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