Parascript Solutions for the Public Sector

  • Parascript Smart Learning

    A unified platform for automatic configuration and optimization of Intelligent Document Processing based on continuous stream of data from a production environment. Parascript Smart Learning automatically adapts to the changing document stream and enables ongoing document processing performance improvement.

  • Parascript FormXtra.AI

    Can locate and extract handwritten and machine-printed data on any mix of documents containing structured and unstructured data. By leveraging Parascript Smart Learning, it can automatically learn how to classify a specific set of documents and extract the required data which helps to dramatically reduce upfront and ongoing configuration.

  • Parascript Natural Language Processing

    Proprietary artificial intelligence technology that can locate and extract phrases or paragraphs with meaning similar to the meaning of the written examples used in training. Can be trained on a limited sample set (3-50 samples) and used for a variety of applications including restrictive language detection and sentiment analysis.

  • Parascript SignatureXpert.AI

    Fraud prevention software that automatically locates and verifies handwritten signatures through a powerful combination of verifiers using multiple fundamentally different algorithms, the core of which is based on the most innovative AI methods.

  • Parascript Mail Processing Automation

    Helps high-volume mailers, postal operators, major corporations, and government agencies to streamline and automate the sortation of the full mail stream.

  • Parascript CheckXpert.AI

    Offers a 99% read rate—the highest in the industry. It includes amount recognition, MICR line detection, CAR/LAR mismatch detection, payee line recognition and verification, signature presence detection, and more.

  • Parascript CheckStock

    Identifies counterfeit checks by inspecting pre-printed objects individually for instant comparison against reference check stock and detects even the most sophisticated forgeries.