Reducing RPA Headaches

Your RPA program got you down?

Don’t worry. With Optezo’s End-to-End RPA Services, we are here for you.

Running an RPA program is not easy. You probably need to handle automation demand management, bot development, support, maintenance, enhancements and more. You might be managing multiple vendors – RPA vendors, consultants, internal teams. These types of RPA programs can be very costly, and quite a headache.


With Optezo’s end-to-end RPA service, we have you covered. By using Optezo’s Services, you receive the instant benefits of our scale and expertise. We can drive down costs and complexity of your RPA program.

Common questions

  • Am I using the wrong RPA platform?

    There is a tremendous amount of product growth and change with the RPA landscape. As this technology is still relatively new, and with the incredible growth of Machine Learning and AI capabilities and platforms, the types of processes, systems and objects the robot is capable of automating and manipulating is growing at an amazing rate. That being said, there are certainly RPA platforms that have a more complete architecture, reusable components, strong higher growth trajectory, stronger financials, and an overall better unattended and attended robot vision. At Optezo, we're firm believers in the UiPath platform. In 2019, 2020 and 2021, UiPath was named a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Robotic Process Automation Software. Over 5,000 customers rely on UiPath for their RPA deployments.

  • Do I need this many people to support our RPA program?

    An RPA program requires lots of different roles and components to be successful, including business analysts, developers, testers, DevOps, infrastructure, security, analytics, support, etc. However, due to the nature and stability of robot process automation, these roles don’t necessarily need to be full time. This puts a burden on finding, training and keeping the right internal resources interested in being engaged in long term RPA success. In addition, there’s nothing strategic about those roles being employees – the mechanics of RPA development and support doesn’t make your business successful, the outcome does.

  • How can I keep up with our growing RPA backlog?

    As the success of RPA at your agency grows, the number of departments and geographies that will begin to funnel in ideas for automation will begin to multiply quickly. As the automation backlog grows, so does the stress on the RPA development team to deliver. Typically, the submitters of these ideas will either lose interest, or departments will stand up another RPA instance to shorten the timelines, fragmenting your RPA strategy and re-starting the “Automation Scale Advantage”, lowering overall ROI.

  • We have too much maintenance and downtime!

    Most IT organizations are stretched thin. They are looking to outsource more and more non-essential technology and deliver those components “as a service”. RPA generally starts small with a few use cases and the infrastructure environment is on premise. As the number and importance of those use cases grow, IT is under-prepared for the maintenance and technology of supporting the automations long-term. Add in UiPath updates, robot process maintenance, RPA skillset hiring, and support desk knowledge, these costs rarely make it into the RPA ROI being presented, but can be a real internal burden in both time and costs.

Solve these challenges with Optezo’s RPA Services

  • Fully managed RPA Center of Excellence (COE)

    Our end-to-end solution eliminates your need to hire expensive consultants, or train internal staff, to manage your robotic process automation program. Optezo provides a portal for capturing end-user automation ideas, prioritizing automation candidates, and manages your automation portfolio. Our customer success team provides overarching RPA governance, adhering to best practices and standards. We are constantly monitoring the state of your RPA program and working with your team to increase those successes.

  • We have the execution playbook

    Our world-class team uses repeatable streamlined steps to quickly build and deploy your bots in industry-leading timeframes. Based on our expertise and best practices, we eliminate wasted time in development to bring value to your business faster. Faster time to market not only brings your savings in sooner, it allows your team to deliver more automations – increasing your overall ROI and employee happiness.

  • Watch your savings grow in real-time

    The automation ROI dashboard is your window into the success of your Automation program. You can see real-time, useful metrics about how your bots are working your processes. Best of all, you can visualize the impact automation is having on your agency – the growing number of hours of manual, repetitive work you’ve saved your workforce. This shared visibility to both operational and financial metrics is a necessary component of any successful RPA program.

  • You can rely on your bots

    Optezo’s service desk will always be monitoring your automations just in case anything ever goes wrong. Optezo’s service desk will identify any anomalies and work to fix them quickly in accordance with your service level agreements. The Optezo operations team is responsible for proactively testing and applying UiPath fixes on a per-client basis to ensure that every client is stable and supported.

    Optezo and Carahsoft can reduce your costs, complexity and RPA headaches, greatly increasing your ROI.